Emily Turner Wins First Place in Arts & Humanities at 2018 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Congratulations to Emily Turner on winning first place in the Arts & Humanities category for her oral presentation at the 2018 Undergraduate Research Symposium! Congratulations to the eight other students I worked with this semester on successful presentations of their research. I am very proud of you all!


Architectural Outreach

Congratulations to Jordan Smith for being featured in today’s MSU State Spotlight! https://www.msstate.edu/state-spotlight/2018/04/architectural-outreach/

New Benchmarks

So proud of our students! http://www.msstate.edu/state-spotlight/2017/09/new-benchmarks/

MSU School of Architecture Faculty Receive 2016-2017 ACSA Design Awards

Thanks to the university and the college for two great stories about the 2016-2017 ACSA Design Awards that I and my colleagues received!



105th ACSA Annual Meeting: 2016-2017 ACSA Diversity Acheivement Award

It was an honor to accept a 2016-2017 ACSA Diversity Acheivement Award for the Learn & Grow Educational Garden at the 105th ACSA Annual Meeting in Detroit, MI this past weekend. Congrats to all of the students who worked hard on this project!

Educational Garden at the Boys & Girls Club has been awarded the 2016-2017 ACSA Diversity Acheivement Award

Starkville Boys and Girls Club Educational Garden, a School of Architecture outreach project.
(photo by Megan Bean / © Mississippi State University)

The award was created “To recognize the work of faculty, administrators, or students in creating effective methods and models to achieve greater diversity in curricula, school personnel, and student bodies, specifically to incorporate the participation and contributions of historically under-represented groups or contexts.” The Educational Garden at the Boys & Girls Club was created to work with the Boys & Girls Club to create a project that can be developed and maintained as a way to engage young citizens in learning about architecture, gardening, healthy eating, nature, and self-sufficiency through growing their own food. Nonprofit organizations like the Boys & Girls Club work directly with these children and their families who are most affected by issues of obesity and food deserts. This project intends to address these issues through an educational garden. Due to the important connection between the Boys & Girls Club and the families of the community the collaborative team for this project is working with the Boys & Girls Club to educate children, their parents, and the community on healthy behaviors to lessen the impact of obesity. The collaborative team is accomplishing this through various projects including parental and community engagement to impact child and adolescent health behaviors, curricular development to include the educational garden in lessons for students, arts education utilizing the graphic design and built works of the garden to teach students about art, architecture, and the importance of the built environment.

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Architecture students build garden to educate Boys and Girls Club

Check out this excellent story about the educational garden done by Symone Woolridge!


Architecture students honored at undergraduate research symposium


Congratulations to Rashidat Momoh on her Gensler Diversity Scholarship!


Architecture professor, students continue collaborative project for Boys & Girls Club