Great to Know: Changes to fall Tuition Payments and Advising Reminder

April 16th, 2018 Comments Off on Great to Know: Changes to fall Tuition Payments and Advising Reminder

New Tuition Due Dates

As you may have heard, there will be some changes to the way tuition is billed starting fall 2018. Attached you will find a PDF that explains the change, tuition due dates, and what to do if you cannot pay your tuition in full by August 1. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO REVIEW THE PDF HERE.


Advising Reminder

As the semester winds down, I’d like to remind you all to complete your advising appointments, and build your schedules before you leave for the summer.


Ø  Please remember summer orientations will begin soon, DO NOT LEAVE CAMPUS WITHOUT A FULL SCHEDULE.

Ø  Only your advisor or Dr. Bourgeois can release you to register for summer and/or fall classes.

Ø  Only the section instructor can approve requests for overrides. If you need special permission to take a class make sure to talk to the instructor as soon as possible.

Ø  Summer classes are a great way to learn something new, or take an extra class or two. If you are interested in taking a summer class, sign up as soon as possible!!

Scholarship Opportunity: Laurel Arts League Scholarship

April 10th, 2018 Comments Off on Scholarship Opportunity: Laurel Arts League Scholarship

The Laurel Arts League, a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging and fostering the arts, is offering a scholarship to collegiate art students.


Students must be entering their junior year or above, and should submit their applications by May 31, 2018.  Applications, two letters of recommendation, and digital images should be emailed to Ms. Kathryn Davis at Recommendations may be emailed separately if needed.


The scholarship amount is $2,000.00, with one half to be paid each semester and will be awarded on a yearly basis.


Scholarship award criteria include: quality of work, financial need, and recommendations.  The competition is open to all art students in Mississippi.  Award recipients are expected to donate a piece of their work, of their choosing, to the Laurel Arts League by the close of the scholarship year.

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