Campbell, Lewis receive CAAD awards

June 22nd, 2015 Comments Off on Campbell, Lewis receive CAAD awards

The College of Architecture, Art and Design annually honors one faculty member and one staff member with a monetary award. The recipients are selected by an awards committee, which includes the dean, associate dean, department heads and a faculty member from each unit.



The 2015 CAAD Faculty Teaching Award went to Critz Campbell, associate professor and sculpture concentration coordinator. Faculty are chosen for the award based on demonstrated excellence in teaching as evaluated by a statement of personal pedagogy or philosophy, student work, a self-critique of their own work and teaching evaluations.



The 2015 CAAD Staff Award went to Jane Lewis, administrative assistant to the dean. The award honors a staff member in the college who exemplifies professionalism and dedication by performing above and beyond the job description; takes initiative on tasks; relates to others on the staff or faculty; and has demonstrated innovation or creativity in his/her job.

The 2015 awards were announced at the faculty retreat in May and the staff retreat in June.

Lippillo part of Canadian exhibition

June 22nd, 2015 Comments Off on Lippillo part of Canadian exhibition

"Lamp" from the "Conflation" series by Dominic LIppillo and Mark Schoon

“Lamp” from the “Conflation” series by Dominic LIppillo and Mark Schoon

A photograph by Assistant Professor Dominic Lippillo is part of an exhibition/competition at ViewPoint Gallery in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, in July.

The photo, “Lamp,” which won first place in the competition, is from Lippillo’s collaborative series, “Conflation,” with Mark Schoon, assistant professor at the University of West Georgia.

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Photography student in national exhibition

June 1st, 2015 Comments Off on Photography student in national exhibition


Zachary Boozer, “Whitehouse”

(Via Marita Gootee)

Mississippi State University Department of Art photography concentration student Zachary Boozer recently had his fine art photography selected to be displayed at Greg Moon Art Gallery in Taos, N.M.

His photograph, “Whitehouse,” was selected to be a part of the the national photographic competition, “After Dark IV,” which will be on display from June 6 – 27.

The jurors for the exhibition were Greg Escalante, co-founder of JUXTAPOZ magazine and owner of Copro Gallery; Joe Buffalo Nickels, co-producer of the Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival; and Greg Moon, artist, curator, owner of Greg Moon Art.

Boozer was inspired by the New Topographics movement of the 1970s, particularly the work of Lewis Baltz, which strives to find beauty in the banal.

“I was also influenced by Todd Hido’s “Homes at Night” series, specifically the manner in which he presents the subject matter in a straightforward manner that adds a great deal of mystery to the imagery and encourages a viewer to consider possible narratives that are occurring within the domestic spaces,” said Boozer. “The subject matter is a house in my neighborhood that I frequently walk past in my day-to-day life.  I was drawn to the condition that it is in, being – presumably – recently abandoned, and its nuances – the weed growing in the gutter, the limbs on the roof, the raised exterior window frame, etc.”

He continued to explain the thought process behind the title of the work.

“The title of the piece, “White House,” is straightforward, as the subject matter is a white house, but it also addresses the obvious political commentary that exists between this abandoned home and the well-known symbolic monument of the White House,” he added.

“Zachary is a unique student, said Professor and Photography Coordinator Marita Gootee. “He is extremely talented and self-challenging. What I find amazing is that he produced this image in my photography survey class,” she added. “Goes to show that one should never underestimate work created in entry-level courses! Keep an eye on Zachary Boozer, for he will go very far in art, film and photography.”

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