Department of Art hosts 4-H workshop

May 31st, 2013 Comments Off on Department of Art hosts 4-H workshop

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More than 700 students from every county in Mississippi visited Mississippi State this week for the annual State 4-H Congress.

The event featured contests and workshops for the students that fit into this year’s theme, “Don’t Just Think It…Know It! Don’t Just Try It…Do It! Don’t Just Dream It…Be It!”

The Department of Art offered a workshop to introduce students to sculptural drawing.

Eight 4-Hers participated in the workshop taught by Professor John Paul Remo on May 30.

Remo told the participants a little about himself before explaining some of the basic drawing terms – line, shape, form, scale, value/force and perspective. He also walked the students through developing visual relationships – positive and negative space, symmetry and asymmetry, overlapping, influence and direction. Finally, Remo explained that it’s important to consider composition, focal point and clarity when creating a drawing.

The students were then introduced to their project. Working in two groups, Remo had them construct sculptural drawings using yarn and tacks on the wall. Every student blindly selected a word and were responsible for making that word a visual characteristic in their group’s drawing.

See more photos on Remo’s website.

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Read the story on MSU’s website.

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