CAAD holds Academic Insight event

February 26th, 2013 Comments Off on CAAD holds Academic Insight event

(photo by Whitten Sabbatini)

On Saturday, Feb. 23, the College of Architecture, Art and Design held Academic Insight, an event for admitted MSU students and their guests.

The event was meant to help students get a better understanding of the programs within the college and was a chance for students to meet other incoming students, current students and professors.

After a department fair, students and their guests had a chance to mingle with current students and faculty over lunch before Dean Jim West presented an overview of the college.

After the presentation, the group split up into the four college units – architecture, art, interior design and building construction science – and went to those facilities for a “breakout session.”

During the sessions, parents had a chance to meet with the program directors and faculty while students worked on an activity meant to give them a glimpse into their program.

Art Professor Neil Callander split students into groups of three and had them construct sculptural string/wire/pin drawings on the wall.  Every student blindly selected a word from a list and were responsible for making that word a visual characteristic in their group’s drawing.  

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