Neil Callander’s Design II class featured on WCBI News

April 21st, 2014 Comments Off on Neil Callander’s Design II class featured on WCBI News

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STARKVILLE (WCBI) — With help from the Starkville Area Arts Council, the MSU Center For Service Learning Excellence and the Heritage Museum, a barn quilt trail is being put together in Oktibbeha County.

Two special art classes are in session on the campus of MSU, bold colors are being used in creating what’s called “barn quilts” made of board that will hang on barns and various building.

“The idea is that they get passed on to community members and installed this summer, these first 6 to be installed around the community this summer,” said Neil Callander with the MSU Art Department.

“It take a lot of work and a lot of dedication. And even though we’re being graded on these, there is no greater honor,” said MSU art student Sydney Armer.

One of those quilt designs will be placed at the Oktibbeha County Heritage Museum.

“Its going to be great, like I did that, you know; I helped put that there,” said Armer.

Working together in small groups putting designs on eight-inch sheets of paper, is being painted onto eight-foot boards. The idea is to capture and preserve what has made the area great in past years.

“Old barns in the area and how they rust and how the colors turn and age. Some of the students researched color palates and they researched the quilting history of the area of, our areas and of the south in general,” said Callander.

Now with the establishment of the Oktibbeha County Quilt Trail, Mississippi now joins Nevada in being included among the states having barn quilt trails.

“So yeah, we may be late to the game but I think we are going to do a really good job,” said Callander.

“I think I can speak on behalf of my whole class that it’s a great thing to help out the community so,” said Armer.

Quilt designs can be of people and even plants. The Oktibbeha County Barn Quilt Trail is expected to be completed by this summer.

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