Benjamin Harvey, Recent Publications

October 12th, 2010 Comments Off on Benjamin Harvey, Recent Publications

Dr. Benjamin Harvey’s work on Virginia Woolf and the visual arts has been published in three different venues this year. His chapter on “Virginia Woolf, Art Galleries and Museums” was included in The Edinburgh Companion to Virginia Woolf and the Arts (Edinburgh University Press, 2010). The book, which was written by “international recognized authors” is, according to the publishers, “the most authoritative and up-to-date guide to Virginia Woolf’s artistic influences and associations.”

Palgrave Macmillan published another chapter by Harvey, “Woolf, Fry, and The Psycho-Aesthetics of Solidity,”  in their Virginia Woolf’s Bloomsbury: Aesthetic Theory and Literary Practice (2010). The volume considers “themes including eco-criticism, women as intellectuals and writers, implications of spaces and places, questions of identity and ideas of the self, and how Woolf’s work has influenced writers from outside Woolf’s own literary circle and cultural milieu.”

Finally, The Virginia Woolf Bulletin (no. 35, September 2010) reprinted an excerpt from one of Harvey’s previous publications.  “Wood is a Pleasant Thing to Think About” originally appeared as part of Harvey’s “Lightness Visible: An Appreciation of Bloomsbury’s Books and Blocks” in the exhibition catalog, A Room Of Their Own: The Bloomsbury Artists in American Collections (Cornell University Press, 2008). The excerpt addresses a rare broadside that combines the words of Woolf with the woodcuts of her sister, Vanessa Bell.

Woolf and Bell, Chelsea Book Club Broadside, 1921

Stuart Clarke notes in his editorial that “as a matter of (unstated and unformulated) policy, we never reprint material. Well, hardly ever. In this issue of the Bulletin we have reprinted Ben Harvey’s discussion of the somewhat mysterious Chelsea Book Club Broadside (c.1921)…. Harvey’s is the most extensive and enlightening discussion of the broadside that we have come across.”