Bryant: Exhibit is about connecting with people, having fun

August 29th, 2012 Comments Off on Bryant: Exhibit is about connecting with people, having fun

So much for saving the best for last. Will Bryant put his favorite part of RESTROSPECTACLE front and center.
Bryant, a 2008 MSU graphic design alumnus, is back in Starkville for his month-long solo exhibit, which showcases his illustration/graphic design work since leaving MSU.
The first (and his favorite) part of the exhibit is his representation of trophies in what looks like a trophy case.
“A fake case for fake trophies,” he said.
Bryant went on to explain that the “trophies” are actually an extension of drawing. He likes that they have a deceiving aspect in that they look heavy but are actually very light and are constructed out of leftover Styrofoam.
“Not knowing what the outcome would be and the problems you have to face along the way,” made the end result even more fulfilling. “And they are wacky looking,” he added.
A major part of RETROSPECTACLE includes various ways that people recognize success. In addition to the trophies, there is a fridge to display work and even a fake cake.
Bryant has also set up a photo booth, where visitors are encouraged to put on one of his medals. A sign states: “Celebrate failure! Wear a medal! Take a picture! You’re a winner!”
Bryant, who has completed his first year in contemporary studio art practice at Portland State University, explained the whole exhibit revolves around themes of expression, celebration and even failure.
He enjoys making connections with people and hopes the exhibit will be fun for everyone.
“It’s more about community,” he said. “Making non-artists the artist.”
Bryant’s ability to connect with people has helped him to land work with clients such as Ray-Ban, Nike and the New York Times Magazine.
He said he began building an audience even while he was a student at MSU and developed and established relationships with people by promoting others’ works on blogs and other social media sites.
Now, Bryant enjoys building relationships with his clients.
“I want it to be the most enjoyable thing to work with me,” he said.
So, what advice does Bryant have for students?
“Surround yourself with people you admire, and make work that you want to make – that should be what’s showcased on your portfolio.”

RETROSPECTACLE will be on display in the Department of Art Gallery in McComas Hall from August 28-October 3. Gallery hours are Tues.–Fri., 10 a.m.–4 p.m.

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