Upcoming art exhibitions and events

Fall 2017

“Narratives of the Land”
Mississippi Museum of Art State Bicentennial

Sept. 1 – 29, 2017
Opening Reception: Sept. 7, 5-6:30
Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery
Endless Delta sky with telephone poles standing like crosses; remnants of a pier off the Gulf Coast; bottle trees perched in front of a 1930’s share­cropper’s home: these quintessential Mississippi scenes embody what Eudora Welty called our “sense of place”. Landscapes evoke the ethos of the time in which they were created, from Hollingsworth’s and Welty’s frank representations of life during the Depression to Ke Francis’ and others’ contemporary fascination with history and memory of the land. Whether nostalgic, critical, or aesthetic, capturing Mississippi’s landscape means capturing its people. We are part of the land, and our history is etched throughout.

“Symbols of Our State: A Walk through Mississippi Culture and Industry”
Museums and Galleries Bicentennial Exhibit
Sept. 22–Nov. 29
Opening Reception: Sept 22, 5-6:30
Old Main Resource Building Gallery
Objects, images, and curatorial interpretation of items from our collections that reflect the history and diversity of the state of Mississippi. The first portion of the exhibit will display examples of official state symbols, while the second half of the exhibit will focus on the economic resources, industry and cultural diversity that have shaped Mississippi into what it is today.

“How Soon is Now?” 
Work by Susie Ganch
Oct. 2–Nov. 11
Visual Arts Center Gallery
“How Soon is Now” is a special exhibition of work by Susie Ganch. Known for her pieces composed of repurposed materials such as coffee lids or plastic utensils, Ganch’s exhibition at the VAC will include photographs of site-specific pieces but also sculpture. According to Amanda Dalla Villa Adams oncom, Ganch highlights “the discarded and unwanted, ranging from everyday things to gold and diamonds. For her own work, she achieves this by magnifying scale through accumulation and using impeccable precision to elevate waste into aesthetic objects. Drag, 2013, for example, is a dialogue of found materials: plastic cups and hair barrettes to faux feathers and glass beads. As a series of gradually expanding, interconnected links, the deceptively elegant pile of garbage hooks into the wall, thereby creating an indelible tension between growth and restriction.”


“Contact F17”
Photography Thesis
Nov. 16–Dec. 1
Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery

Graphic Design Thesis
Nov. 28–Dec. 5
Opening Reception: Nov. 28, 6–7 p.m.
Visual Arts Center Gallery


Spring 2018

“Hatch Show Print”
Jan. 18–March 2
Reception Feb. 15
Location TBD
A working letterpress print shop located in Nashville since 1879, HSP uses its vast collection to educate diverse audiences and to create iconic designs that express and commemorate America’s evolving cultural identity.

“MSU Faculty Show”
Jan. 25–March 23
Reception Jan. 25
VAC Gallery

“Alumni Exhibit”
(50th Anniversary Program)
Feb. 1–April 7
Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery

“46th MSU Student Juried Exhibit”
March 23–April 7
Opening Reception: Friday, March 23 
Location TBD

“Cotton District Arts Festival Juried Art Exhibit”
April 6–7
Visual Arts Center Gallery




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