Fulbright Ambassador shares experience with art students

November 16th, 2012 Comments Off on Fulbright Ambassador shares experience with art students

Dr. Stephen Cottrell, campus co-representative for Fulbright, joined Ambassador Rachel Stevens to tell Department of Art students about the Fulbright Program. Cottrell said the program gives students a huge advantage for seeking future employment and encouraged all to apply.

Rachel Stevens serves as an ambassador for the Fulbright Program.

As a child, Rachel Stevens entertained herself by building forts and tree houses.

The daughter of a single mother without a lot of money, Stevens said she got creative in her sources of entertainment. Though, she said, “I probably would have done that anyway.”

Stevens, who is now a sculptor and professor at New Mexico State University, said her childhood definitely shaped her future.

“My approach to my career has been very resourceful,” she said. “I’ve always sought out opportunities.”

One of those opportunities came through a Fulbright grant she received to do research in Nepal.

While there, Stevens met a master of copper casting and was able to visit some of his statue making workshops. She explained his process to include a variety of steps that involved hay, mud and wax.

Stevens was also able to work with the copper sculptor and some of his team and family members on two projects while she was in Nepal.

With the first project, “First Impressions Nepal,” Stevens mainly oversaw the vision of the work. However, with the second project, a Bodhi Tree, she was able to be a lot more hands-on.

Stevens said one of the most important things she learned through the Fulbright Program was “letting go of who you are here.” She said the family she was working closely with would often want to take their time to enjoy a meal or just talk, and it was hard for her to not want to just go straight to work.

“Through this program, you just learn more about yourself,” she said. “It’s just a most profound experience.”

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