Graphic design student in International Photography Annual

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Austin Grove, "Maps," 2013

Austin Grove, “Maps,” 2013

Via Assistant Professor Dominic Lippillo

Austin Grove, a graphic design student in the Department of Art at Mississippi State University, was recently accepted into the INPHA 3, the 3rd International Photography Annual, produced by Manifest Gallery located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

For this third International Photography Annual, Manifest received 1,143 submissions from 340 artists across the U.S. and beyond. The publication includes 70 works by 54 artists from 5 countries including England, Canada, Switzerland, Greece and the United States.

Eleven professional and academic advisors qualified in the fields of art, design, photography, new media, criticism and art history juried this project. The process of selection was by anonymous blind jury, with each jury member assigning a quality rating for artistic merit to each work submitted. The entries receiving the highest average combined score are included in this publication.

The image selected for the publication was created in Assistant Professor Dominic Lippillo’s digital photography class in the fall of 2013.

“Austin is very talented behind the camera,” said Lippillo. “He is a natural photographer with a keen eye for composition. This image came from a portfolio of fifteen images he created for his final project that was made into a self-published book. The series as a whole explores time and movement in still photography by playing with multiple exposures stacked on top of each other. He took on a difficult idea with careful technical and conceptual concerns.”

Manifest is a non-profit organization working very hard to carry its mission forward for students, professionals and the public. To see a list of the photographers who were selected and to find out how to order a copy of the publication please visit:

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