Painting student also excels in photography

April 21st, 2014 Comments Off on Painting student also excels in photography

Molly Howell

Molly Howell

Department of Art Fine Art major in painting, Molly Howell, was recently accepted as a runner-up into Creative Quarterly: The journal of Art & Design for her photographic series that was created in Assistant Professor Dominic Lippillo’s Photography Survey course.

Molly’s photography will be posted on the Creative Quarterly website on the Online Gallery in Summer 2014.

“Molly’s images are visually intriguing and raise relevant questions about the economy,” said Lippillo. “This series has potential to become an ongoing body of work that I hope she continues exploring.”

“Basically, the concept has to do with my experience with the housing market crash in 2008,” said Molly. “My father builds houses, and because of the crash, we went through a lot of struggles as a family. This series and others are my way of exploring those feelings. “

The images are haunting landscapes with a simple childlike house sewn into the photography using gold thread.

“It is a very clever approach for creating the imagery and conveying the concept.” said Professor Marita Gootee, who is the area cordinator of photography.

Creative Quarterly is a very competitive magazine and has a respected online gallery,” she added. “It is very impressive that Molly has received this level of recognition. Molly was the only entry from Mississippi State to be selected for the online or published Creative Quarterly Issue 35.”

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