Art alumnus highlighted for aerial mass-transit idea

November 13th, 2012 Comments Off on Art alumnus highlighted for aerial mass-transit idea

Frog Principal Designer Michael McDaniel recently presented a system of 3S detachable gondolas connecting neighborhoods throughout Austin,Texas, making it possible for cyclists and pedestrians to “hop” over particularly congested areas. (Image from

Michael McDaniel, a 1998 graphic design alumnus from the Department of Art at Mississippi State, has recently been highlighted for his aerial mass-transit proposal for 21st century cities.

McDaniel, a principal designer at frog, said the side project began as a way to teach junior designers “how to do design research and break up complex problems into attackable chunks.”

He was invited to speak about the concept at the PSFK conference in San Fransisco on Nov. 1 and said the project has since taken off.

Check out his interview with Fast Company.

Read the feature by PSFK.

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