CAAD hosts students from Milam Elementary

November 4th, 2016 Comments Off on CAAD hosts students from Milam Elementary

The MSU College of Architecture, Art and Design hosted a field trip for Gifted and Talented classes at Milam Elementary School in Tupelo on Nov. 3.

The group of 160 was split into four groups, who visited a variety of projects throughout the day, ending with a picnic-style lunch in the Giles Amphitheater.

  • The class visited Professor Robert Long in the ceramics studio for a tour of the facilities, including the glazing process and kiln. The group was also treated to demonstrations by students, faculty and community volunteers before being able to get their hands dirty and work with the clay.
  • The group also toured the School of Architecture in Giles Hall and did several hands-on projects with current students, including making chairs out of giant blocks, playing Giant Jenga and competing to see which group could put together a 3D puzzle house first.
  • The college was joined by a group from MSU’s Department of Sustainable Bioproducts for a Wood Magic Activity. Edward Entsminger and his crew taught students about various properties of wood and presented several demonstrations. The group made guesses about the strength of a toothpick-sized piece of wood and watched in amazement as Entsminger loaded nearly 300 pounds into a bucket it supported. Students then turned small red oak billets into bubble blowers as part of a demonstration of wood properties, including density, hardness and permeability.
  • Finally, students were treated to a private viewing of the current exhibit on display at the Depot Art Gallery, “Peri Schwartz: Paintings • Drawings • Prints.” Students were then challenged to create their own drawings, following instructions by art faculty members Lori Neuenfeldt and Matthew Gordon.

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