Department of Art professor, alumni participate in show to celebrate National Art Month

October 22nd, 2012 Comments Off on Department of Art professor, alumni participate in show to celebrate National Art Month

Professor Critz Campbell | 3 Feet High and Rising

Andrew Robertson, MSU alumnus | Wishful Reveries

Paige Prisock Cannon is a graduate from MSU and took sculpture courses from Professor Critz Campbell. Her painting, Fall, is shown, bottom right.

When Rosemary Prisock first asked members at Old Waverly Gulf Club in West Point to submit art for a show as a way to celebrate National Art Month, she was a little nervous about how many people would get involved.

Prisock, the directory of hospitality of the club, ended up being shocked by how many members shared her love for art and contributed to gallery.

“I was thrilled,” she said. “I think for our first year, it’s amazing.”

The owners of Old Wavery, George and Marcia Bryan, heavily support the arts, and Marcia even submitted two collages for the show.

The entrance of the club now houses the gallery, made up of 133 pieces of art ranging from acrylics to pottery, jewelry, sculpture and collage.

Some of the artwork is for sale, and Prisock said half of those pieces have already sold.  She said it has also been a great opportunity to introduce the artists and their work, and several have been commissioned to do more pieces.

She said everyone has enjoyed viewing the gallery, even guests of a recent wedding, and it’s been great for members to learn about the talents of their fellow members.

“They have gotten to share that gift with other members,” she said.

Prisock said it took them about ten hours to hang all the pieces, which will come down at the end of the month.

Those from MSU participating in the event were Professor Critz Campbell, Paige Prisock Cannon, Leah Harrell, Bryan Houston and Andrew Robertson.

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