Sculpture Survey class visits Barge sawmill

February 14th, 2014 Comments Off on Sculpture Survey class visits Barge sawmill

(photo via Adrienne Callander)

(photo via Adrienne Callander)

Via Adrienne Callander’s blog:

Recently, Dr. David Jones, associate professor in MSU’s Department of Sustainable Bioproducts and Forest Products Extension Service specialist, took both sections of Adrienne Callander’s Sculpture Survey classes to the Barge sawmill in Macon.

MSU alumnus and company president David Barge was on hand to explain the value his third-generation company places on sustainable tree farming.

Students learned that if a stand grows tall, lower branches are shed because they are unable to access the sunlight above the canopy. The absence of lower branches allows for a greater percentage of “clear” wood, or wood without knots. Part of the Barge farming practice entails identification of trees that increase the genetic strength of the stand; these are left in place. CoC (Chain-of-Custody) certified, Barge Forest Products meets high environmental standards set by many European and Scandinavian countries and therefore maintains a healthy export aspect to their business.

See more images from the tour.

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