Shelana Kelly Enjoys National Success

May 3rd, 2012 Comments Off on Shelana Kelly Enjoys National Success

Shelana Kelly’s Kennedy continues to impress.

Kelly made the mahogany chair in 2011, for a Maymester class with Professor Critz Campbell. The work won first prize in the MSU Student Show earlier this semester, and has now been selected for inclusion in “Rites of Passage,” a national exhibition of student work held at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio. The exhibition will run from June 1st to June 29th, 2012; for more information about the gallery, click here.

Kelly: Kennedy

Here’s a measure of Shelana’s achievement: 193 different students submitted 507 works for the gallery to consider, but Shelana’s work was one of only thirteen selected for inclusion.

So congratulations Shelana!

Kelly: Kennedy