From the Gallery – March 2017

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Campbell joins prestigious Penland board

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Critz Campbell (Photo by Blake McCollum)

Critz Campbell (Photo by Blake McCollum)

By Sasha Steinberg | Mississippi State University

A Mississippi State art faculty member is positioned to officially join the policy making body of an international institution specializing in craft education.

Critz Campbell, an associate professor at the university, recently was elected to an eight-year term as a board trustee at North Carolina’s Penland School of Crafts. A West Point resident and Clay County native, he is a Penland alumnus.

Founded in 1929 and annually enrolling more than 1,400, the school located in the Blue Ridge Mountains northeast of Asheville, North Carolina, is dedicated to “helping people live creative lives.” In addition to training in such artistic media as clay, glass, iron, metals and wood, it features artist residencies and community collaboration programs, among other offerings. For more, see

An MSU faculty member since 2005, Campbell coordinates the art department’s sculpture emphasis program. He currently teaches introductory and advanced sculpture and earlier led courses in furniture design and metal fabrication, among others.

He attended Penland after graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Parnham College in England. Other studies were completed at the Arco Centro de Communicao in Portugal.

“I am excited to serve the school that nurtured me for 20-plus years and has such an impact on craft education,” Campbell said of the trustee role that begins in November.

“The opportunity to represent MSU at an institution as important to craft education as Penland School of Crafts is a great honor, especially when I am representing the College of Architecture, Art and Design, where our mission includes engaging students in the highest level of craft,” he said.

Trustee duties will help him grow as an educator and leader by “gaining a deeper relationship with the American craft community and greater understanding and ability in the pedagogy of craft,” Campbell said, adding that Penland “has a very active board and I expect my role to evolve as I gain experience in the group.

“What excites me most about the opportunity is the relationships I can build with renowned craft educators and advocates,” he said.

Campbell’s artistic creations have been featured at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum and International Contemporary Furniture Fair, both in New York, deCordova Museum in Massachusetts and LIMN Gallery in California, among other prominent national venues.

His professional career also has been honored with awards and grants from the Mississippi Arts Commission and National Endowment for the Arts. For more biographical information, visit

See the story in The Clarion Ledger.

Art alumni visit, advise current students on post-grad life

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(Via Critz Campbell)

MSU Department of Art alumni Sarah Qarqish and Morgan Welch were on campus this week giving several workshops.

Monday, they spoke to CAAD students about their Jackson-based business, The HannaBerry Workshop. The two also shared their post-graduate experiences and discussed grant opportunities, exhibiting, their upcoming collaborative project with the Mississippi Museum of Art and starting a small business.

On Tuesday, they shared more about their studio practice and gave demos on creating curves in wood and coopering to furniture design students in the sculpture wood shop.

Department of Art wishes Diamond Dogs good luck

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Athletes have all kinds of rituals hoping to bring them luck – from touching a sign on the way out to the field to wearing that same pair of lucky socks at every game to following a very specific windup sequence before each pitch. Luckily for the Mississippi State University Diamond Dogs, left-handed pitcher Ross Mitchell had an idea to start a new ritual for his team early this spring, and it seems to have paid off. Mitchell and fellow Bulldogs are playing for the championship in the College World Series.

In February, Mitchell, a sophomore from Smyrna, Tenn., contacted Critz Campbell to see if the Department of Art professor could create a sculpture of a hand for the team to high five before games.

At the time, Campbell was teaching a new, upper-level 3D course, “Materials and Processes.” In the class, 12 students were learning techniques of stone carving, plastic casting and laser cutting and experimenting with a variety of other processes and materials.

“Ross came by and looked at what we were doing in plastic to see if that would work,” said Campbell.

Liking what he saw, Mitchell bought the materials, and the students began the work. They created a life cast of sculpture student John Allen’s hand. Allen had to place his hand in position in a material called alginate, similar to what’s used by dentists to create molds of teeth. Once hardened, Allen removed his hand, and the hard, white plastic was poured into the mold. It took about an hour to set.

The hand was then mounted on a piece of wood and was ready for Mitchell to take to Dudy Noble Field, where he and his teammates could get a good luck high five before games.

Campbell said his students really enjoyed creating something that will hopefully become a part of MSU baseball history.

“The student who used his hand was really excited about the thought of his hand being the one that everyone was high-fiving,” said Campbell.

Read the story on MSU’s website and on WCBI.

Read about more fan support, including support from grahpic design alumnus Hal Teasler.

Art faculty present summer exhibit

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It's What I Do_51
The Department of Art faculty have an exhibit open through June in the Cullis Wade Depot Gallery: It’s What I Do.

Read more on MSU’s website.

Kilpatrick receives scholarship to study at Penland School of Crafts

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Sarah Kilpatrick said she made two ottomans last semester, and she is working on tables this semester.

Kilpatrick’s rocking chair

Sarah Kilpatrick

Sarah Kilpatrick, a junior sculpture major in the Department of Art, has received a scholarship to participate in the summer 2013 Higher Education Partners Program at Penland School of Crafts. Mississippi State was one of just 33 schools nationwide selected to participate in the matching scholarship program made possible by generous gifts from three of the department’s advisory board members: Ann Arledge, Charlotte McNeel and David Trigiani.

Kilpatrick will attend Penland’s Summer Session 5Dean Pulver’s The Art of Chair Making, from July 21 through August 6. The class will include presentations, demonstrations, and discussions and will cover drawing, model making, mockups, ergonomics, joinery, laminate and steam bending, shaping and carving with hand and power tools and surface techniques.

“I know it’s going to be intense,” said Kilpatrick, who has taken three Maymester courses at Mississippi State. “You’ve got to be able to work fast,” she said. “You can’t just play around because it’s going to be over.”

Kilpatrick has already taken both of the chair classes offered in the Department of Art taught by Professor Critz Campbell.

“I know Critz’s techniques and methods,” she said. “Mr. Pulver may have a whole different method of doing stuff, so that’s just going to broaden what I know.”

“I expect to get a lot out of the class I will be attending; I feel like this experience will not only enhance the work I produce during my senior year in thesis, but also my future work as a furniture designer and artist,” she said.

Kilpatrick, who originally started in the Interior Design Program where she fell in love with furnishings, plans to follow her passion after graduation.

“It is my goal to one day have my own shop and create and build my own designs.”

Grant makes Chicago trip a reality for 3D students

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The group at Millennium Park. (left to right): Professor Critz Campbell, Charlotte Smith, Mary-Lucas Halliwell, April Shelby, Emily Hobart, Jeff Porter, Jon Nowell, Morgan Welch and Sarah Kilpatrick

Critz Campbell, professor of sculpture in the Department of Art at Mississippi State University, recently secured a $30,000 grant. Campbell said the grant’s overall goal is to increase students’ exposure to the outside world.

Twenty percent of the funds have already been allocated to the College of Architecture, Art and Design’s Visiting Artists Committee, which will begin to bring artists in for lectures and workshops this spring.

“I wanted to spend half the money bringing artists to the students but also half of it taking students to the art,” Campbell said.

So, the professor used another portion of the money to take eight 3D students in the Department of Art, whose emphasis of study is either sculpture or ceramics, to Chicago from Nov. 1–4.

The trip to Chicago was a first for all but one of the eight students

Though Charlotte Smith had been to Chicago before on a few brief trips, she had never visited the Art Institute of Chicago and said her favorite part about the trip was getting to see artwork in person that she’s only been able to experience through pictures before.

“It was also nice just being in a place where they want sculptures in parks,” she said, referring to Millennium Park, which the group was able to tour with Liz Edwards, special projects manager.

Another student, Jeff Porter, said he enjoyed that the whole trip was about art, unlike many of the trips he takes with friends who don’t want to see art.

“That was really nice to be immersed in that setting,” he said.

Campbell’s main purpose for the trip was for the students to experience the International Exhibit of Sculpture Objects and Functional Art (S.O.F.A.). There, they were able to view galleries from all over the world, along with high-end craft work. They also saw demos and were able to gather information from some nontraditional craft schools such as Penland and Haystack.

S.O.F.A. was also a great opportunity for the students to observe the commerce of art. Campbell said students learn how to make art in school and often get to see works displayed in museums, but “that doesn’t teach students how to make a living making art.”

Thanks to a patron of Campbell’s, John Bryan, the group was able to squeeze in a lot of other valuable art experiences as well.

They visited the Museum of Contemporary Art – Chicago, toured the ceramics and sculpture graduate facilities at the School of Art Institute of Chicago, viewed Bryan’s private arts and crafts collection at Crab Tree Farm, saw a demo by Mike Jarvi on steam bending and even took an architectural boat tour.

The trip definitely accomplished the grant’s mission of increasing students’ exposure to the outside world, and Campbell said he plans to take further advantage of the funds by exposing more 3D students to such experiences next year.

Department of Art professor, alumni participate in show to celebrate National Art Month

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Professor Critz Campbell | 3 Feet High and Rising

Andrew Robertson, MSU alumnus | Wishful Reveries

Paige Prisock Cannon is a graduate from MSU and took sculpture courses from Professor Critz Campbell. Her painting, Fall, is shown, bottom right.

When Rosemary Prisock first asked members at Old Waverly Gulf Club in West Point to submit art for a show as a way to celebrate National Art Month, she was a little nervous about how many people would get involved.

Prisock, the directory of hospitality of the club, ended up being shocked by how many members shared her love for art and contributed to gallery.

“I was thrilled,” she said. “I think for our first year, it’s amazing.”

The owners of Old Wavery, George and Marcia Bryan, heavily support the arts, and Marcia even submitted two collages for the show.

The entrance of the club now houses the gallery, made up of 133 pieces of art ranging from acrylics to pottery, jewelry, sculpture and collage.

Some of the artwork is for sale, and Prisock said half of those pieces have already sold.  She said it has also been a great opportunity to introduce the artists and their work, and several have been commissioned to do more pieces.

She said everyone has enjoyed viewing the gallery, even guests of a recent wedding, and it’s been great for members to learn about the talents of their fellow members.

“They have gotten to share that gift with other members,” she said.

Prisock said it took them about ten hours to hang all the pieces, which will come down at the end of the month.

Those from MSU participating in the event were Professor Critz Campbell, Paige Prisock Cannon, Leah Harrell, Bryan Houston and Andrew Robertson.

CAAD student receives scholarship to attend national conference

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Sarah Kilpatrick, a senior in the College of Architecture, Art, and Design, and a sophomore in the Department of Art, recently attended the 2012 WithIt (Women in the Home Furnishing Industry Today) Professional Conference in Raleigh, N.C.

Kilpatrick was nominated to attend this year’s conference, Pathways to Sucess: Strategies, Connections and Meaning, by Professor Critz Campbell.

Kilpatrick received a scholarship from WithIt that covered membership for a year and paid her expenses for the trip.

The art student said she was able to connect with other professionals and students during the three-day conference and found encouragement, advice and inspiration.

Kilpatrick recently changed her major from interior design so that she could “focus on furniture design in a more hands-on and sculptural way,” and she said the conference helped confirm that decision.

“This experience has changed the way I see myself, my art and even my life,” she said. “I would not have had the opportunity or such a great time if it hadn’t been for Jackie Hirschhaut, Critz Campbell and Caroline Cooper.”

Department of Art receives grant

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SOFA VivianBeer WexlerGallery Ruby Red Slipper (Anchored Candy no. 3), 2010

SOFA CHICAGO 2011 – Vivian Beer, Ruby Red Slipper (Anchored Candy No. 3), 2010 steel, automotive paint, and patina, 36 x 26 x 52,” Wexler Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Critz Campbell, a professor in the MSU Department of Art, has received a $30,000 grant.

Campbell said the money, which will be paid equally over two years, will be used for the enhancement of the 3D area and to initiate a visiting artist program.

Campbell has allocated $3,000 of the funds to the Visiting Artist Committee.

The professor also plans to take a group of 3D students to Chicago in November to The International Exhibit of Sculpture Objects and Functional Art (SOFA).

Campbell explained SOFA to be a large venue with around 200 crafts and fine art galleries exhibiting at Navy Pier.

His goal for the trip is to “help students get a sense of how they can develop themselves professionally and see what the real market is like.”

SOFA also hosts numerous seminars and lectures from prominent craftspeople, and Campbell said he would also use the opportunity to bring students to some of the many museums and other cultural exhibits Chicago has to offer.

This is the second grant the sculpture/3D area has received from the same foundation to initiate an endowment.

“I’m hoping to use this grant to get us rolling and encourage others to help us keep it going,” Campbell said.

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