Kimbell Colour

I spent Spring Break in Texas and enjoyed my second visit to the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth. This is fast becoming a favourite. It’s a small but wonderful museum, featuring Louis Kahn’s stunning architecture and, inside, extremely high quality work. On this visit, I was lucky enough to see their beautifully curated Bernini: Sculpting in Clay exhibition, which provided insights into the Baroque sculptor’s working methods and studio practice.

Photography wasn’t permitted in the Bernini show, but the Kimbell does allow it in their permanent collection. This is a particular enlightened policy given that the light in the gallery spaces is incredible–thanks again to Louis Kahn. I spent a lot of time just appreciating the vivid colours in the paintings. Even a hack photographer wielding an old iPhone can’t totally destroy these colours.

Here, then, are a few photos I took of the Kimbell’s paintings. Click on any image for a closer look.

Duccio, Raising of Lazarus (from the Maesta Altarpiece)

Chardin, Young Student Drawing

Cezanne, Maison Maria with a view of the Chateau Noir

Cezanne, Maison Maria with a view of Chateau Noir (detail)

Cezanne, Man in a Blue Smock (detail)

Miro, Portrait of Heriberto Casany (detail)