Art History T-Shirt Woot (Redux)!

I started the 2012-13 academic year blogging about my so-called art history wardrobe, and thought I’d return to the topic for my last post of the year.

At some point since that first post, made its entire back catalogue available online. That’s over 2,100 t-shirts designs, most of which can be printed to order.

Here, then, are all the ones with conspicuous art historical themes or styles. Clicking on to the picture will take you to the online catalog. As you will see, Leonardo, Art Nouveau (the Mucha-esque) and Escher seem to be perennial favourites, closely followed by Rembrandt, van Gogh, and Munch.

Have fun looking at them, and please use the comments section to share links to any other art history t-shirts that are out there.

Ancient and Medieval

tgentry: Druid Leap Year


Lucky1988: Ancient Egyptian Plumber


Ian Leino: If You Want to Destroy My Chainmail


High Renaissance

tgentry: Who Is That Bearded Vigilante?!?


kdeuce: To the Top in the Style of Da Vinci


Spiritgreen: You Can’t Catch Me


ramyb: Leonardo


David Creighton-Pester (a.k.a. WonderingBert): Monalisaur


Robert Gould: Divine Connection


Valorandvellum: Shh, The Rat Is Our Patron



Vinicius Carvus: The Anatomy Lesson


tgentry: Plumber in the Style of Rembrandt



rglee129: The Sleep of Reason


Radscoolian: Pip-squeak


Van Gogh

theinfinityloop: Vincent’s Alternative


artguyaaron: ASCII Night



Jonah Block: The Ice Scream


walmazan: The Mrowr


Art Nouveau (and the Mucha-esque)

Radscoolian: Mort-vivant



Patrickspens: Yggdrasil Tree


DianaSprinkle: Cat Nouveau


colinvh: Cranes Nouveau


ramyb: Fox Nouveau


The Escheresque

Chucklenorris: Immortal Falls


fofmock: Some Game Involving Falling Blocks in the Style of M. C. Escher


tgentry: M. C. Escher: Space Planner for Hire


walmazan: Fly Away


ORabbit: Platonic Love


Miscellaneous 20th Century

Dave Graff: Cubism


Robbie Lee: Blue (Never)Nude


klswoot: (W)Right Angle Neutrality


Paul Burgess: Popstical lllusion


wirdou: That’s No Moon (lights on)

wirdou: That’s No Moon (lights off)


Terry Peppers: Starcheology


[Legal disclaimer: The fact that I did not receive payment from shirt.woot for featuring their t-shirts in this post, as well as in the earlier post, does not guarantee that I will refuse any free shirts that they happen to send in my direction.]