Day Eight

Today was the final day of camp. Although, it was sad to see our time come to an end, it was great to see the work of the students on their final project.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with all of the students this week.

David Lewis, co-director


Day Six: Tours and Sketching

The students were given a tour of the Landscape Architecture studios where they learned about the programs they offer and the sustainable features of their buildings. Then they walked over to the Hunter Henry Center where they spent an hour sketching the lobby and light wells. The students have really improved on their drawing skills since the first day! When you come to the presentations tomorrow make sure to check out their progress on the Gallery wall.


Day Five: Cardboard Lounge Device Reviews

Each group was asked to give a brief presentation on their lounge devices in front of the rest of the students. The designs were pretty impressive, but check out the pictures to see whose chair didn’t survive the review!


Friday’s Review Schedule

The students will have a review of their final project on Friday morning. Each student will stand in front of their project and make several presentations to the counselors and several of the faculty members as they walk through the studio. The presentations will run from 8:30am – 10:30 am throughout Giles Hall. All parents are welcome to attend!

After the reviews, there will be a closing presentation after which the students will check out of their dorm rooms. All students must be checked out before noon.

If you have any questions, please contact Phyllis in the front office during normal business hours at (662) 325-2557.

Day Five: Cotton District Observations

This morning, the students took a trip to the Cotton District to do observational sketches. After lunch they started constructing two large site models of the Cotton District that they will use for their next project. They used their sketches to help them build models of the buildings they were assigned to sketch.


Day Four: Cardboard Lounge Device

The students worked in groups to design a cardboard lounge device using only eleven sheets of 3’x8′ cardboard. They designed and built three small study models in the morning and completed their construction in the afternoon. Check back to see pictures of their reviews!




Day Three: Marshmallow Challenge!

Objective: Build the tallest tower using 20 sticks of spaghetti, 1 marshmallow, 1 yard of tape, and 1 yard of string.

Rules: Don’t eat the marshmallow! The marshmallow must be on the top of the tower.

The first time the students attempted the challenge, the counselor group had the tallest tower. For the second try, the stakes went up. If a student group beat the counselor group, the counselors had to perform an embarrassing task chosen by the students. Several of the student groups had a tower taller than the counselors, but group 2 was the winner! Check out the pictures to see how the counselors tried to escape their punishment!

Day Three: Perspective Drawing and Kit of Parts

The students began their day with a short workshop on perspective drawing. Each group then chose a location inside Giles Hall and put their new drawing skills to use. After lunch, they began their Kit of Parts project. Each student receives the same “kit of parts” and must use every piece in their kit to create a model that explores different spatial characteristics.


Day Two: Instant Environment Reviews

The day ended with the students presenting their Instant Environment projects to the rest of their peers and several critics (Justin and the instructors).

Day 2

Here, are some of the photos of the students working on the “Instant Environment” projects and the final results.


– David Lewis (Co-Director)