Day 03

On Monday, students were assigned the task of creating a lounge table device. The device was to made completely of cardboard and was required to hold up a team member at least 12 inches off of the ground. Students were encouraged to use as little glue as possible to keep the project together. Students spent the morning designing and collaborating as a group to perfect the designs. Groups made models to test out multiple ideas. After lunch, student began constructing In addition to providing a place for lounging, the students were also required to have an additional function. Some of the ideas included: shelving and multi-person seating. Groups will be presenting and testing their devices Tuesday evening.

Day 02

On Sunday, students had the opportunity to tour the campus and get their first taste of sketching during the camp. Before going out onto campus, the students watched the Powers of Ten film, directed by Charles and Ray Eames, as an encouragement to focus on different scales and levels of detail.

Later on in the day, students were challenged to use one single piece of paper folded to hold up as many bricks as possible. Two groups tied with supporting 19 bricks! The two teams insisted on breaking the tie with an arm wrestling match. With the results of the match, team five emerged the victors!

Day 01

The first day of camp is officially in the books! The students spent the morning and afternoon designing and constructing an “Instant Environment.” The students were tasked with choosing a site around the architecture building and using limited materials to create an enclosure that enhanced the original site. Students were challenged to push the materials to their limits and create a well crafted and careful structure.



What is involved in the professions of Architecture and Interior Design? What do design students study while in college? How can a person best prepare for an education in these fields? Many people who think about architecture or interior design have these or similar questions that should be answered before they make a decision about their career. Although we are all affected daily by the built environment, design education and the professions of architecture and interior design are often not fully understood by prospective students.

The College of Architecture Art + Design (CAAD) at Mississippi State University is offering an eight-day summer workshop that is intended to answer many of the questions about architecture and interior design as a field of study and as a profession. The major goal of the workshop is to simulate the information, skill and the intensity required for a design education, while providing a clear insight into the practice. With this experience it will be possible for the participants to make an informed career decision about architecture and its related disciplines.

Admission into Design Discovery is open to high school age students (16 and above) and incoming college freshmen who are interested in the field of architecture and/or other related design fields. Older students are also encouraged to attend, but they must contact the College for specific instructions and arrangements before filling out the application. Neither school transcripts nor letters of recommendation are required. Prospective students, as well as those considering a career in architecture, have found Design Discovery helpful in confirming their choice of architecture as a profession and in making a smoother transition into the First-Year Design Studios. Also, the dedicated faculty members and high-caliber students who work as counselors and instructors during the week provide knowledge, experience, and friendships that will be valuable to entering freshmen in the college. The School of Architecture highly recommends that all those who have been accepted into First Year Design in the fall semester of 2014 consider participating in Design Discovery.

First come – first served (limited space): The Design Discovery brochure/application [in the related files below] must be physically mailed to the School of Architecture.

NOTE: Please download and print the PDF file of the Application Brochure; see file below
2015 Design Discovery Brochure
Parental Consent Forms 2015

Please follow the instructions in the brochure and mail ASAP.


Design Discovery (Architectural Workshop – Summer Camp)

June 5 – June 12

[Note: These dates are coordinated with Freshman Orientation dates as published by MSU]

Design Discovery Workshop (and camp)
Cost: $595.00


Includes: room+board in dorms; supplies; films; lectures; hands-on instruction and workshops w/ senior architecture faculty and architecture students. Projects range from: small site installation/constructions to furniture to residential-scaled projects (using small models and drawings) while engaging in drawing/sketching/modeling exercises. No prior experience or knowledge is required.

Open to high school students 16 – 18 (older students are also welcome, call the office for additional information).

See previous workshop/camp website links for additional information and scope of curriculum: