Check-Out Announcement (June 17)

Parents and Students,

We will be closing out the week with a review on Friday, June 17. This schedule should be as follows:

Walk-around Review –  9:00 am – 10:30 am
Closing Remarks – 10:30 am
Check-out of Dorms – 11:00 am

Day 6: Basement Rave

After a long week’s work, the students dance and have fun in the basement of Giles Hall with a DJ and some energizing music!

Day 6: Cotton District Project

On Day 6, the students were tasked with designing a building that would house either a artist, sculptor, poet or dancer. This encouraged the students to start to think about space usage and form of there building.

Day 5: Cotton District Project | Representation in 3D

To follow up the previous project, the students were to construct 1/8″ = 1′ models of the site in order to prepare for their next project.

Day 5: Cotton District Project | Representation in 2D

On Day 5, the students toured the Cotton District near the campus to get introduced into the idea’s of New Urbanism and how this affects the layout of building and public space. The students were tasked with documenting the building’s character, composition and proportion to re-assemble models of them back in Giles Hall.

Day 4: Cardboard Sitting Device – Review

To conclude Day 4, we reviewed the students progress on the sitting device assignment. The sitting device was made primarily out of cardboard and was designed to support at least (1) person. Some sitting devices were sturdier than others, but all were very good ideas.

Day 4: Instant Environment Review

After giving the students multiple hours to work on there designs, it came time to present their ideas to all the other campers and counselors to let them be subject to constructive criticism. This is a common occurrence in the architecture program here. This process allows students to get a first hand experience of what it would be like in the freshman year of the architecture program.


Day 4: Viewing Device Introduction

Day 4 also introduced the Viewing Device project. This project makes students think about how to represent their feelings of a space using a viewing device to clarify their ideas. The project encouraged students to find and re-purpose old material found around Giles Hall.

Day 4: Cardboard Sitting Device Construction

On Day 4, the students were introduced to the Cardboard Sitting Device Project. This assignment consists of taking donated cardboard sheets, glue, and string and turning it into a sitting device that can also serve as a table. The sitting device is meant to hold up at least (1) of the camper, and/or the counselor. This project teaches the students about material property and designing with a function in mind.

Day 3: Perspective and Detail Drawings

Following the drawing workshop, the students then drew different locations inside Giles Hall. They were to focus on the aspect of perspective drawings to capture a 3-dimensional space in a 2-dimensional drawing, and use detail drawings to focus closely on how things are built/constructed.