Didactic Sketching (Italy Study Abroad Summer 2009 + 2010)

Course Description

Didactic Sketching will attempt to enable each student. It is a course about seeing and making seen, the intention is to pass along a way of visualization that not only informs the viewer of the subject but also the intent behind the making of the subject. This is to say, you will not draw postcard images of the great building of Italy you will learn to draw diagrams and directions for someone to understand the design intent of these buildings. This course is as much about reading architecture and it is about writing architecture though the architect’s language of drawing.

Techniques of orthographic project will be explored in free hand sketching. All work will be done in a travel sketchbook and every sketch is to be accompanied by a photo of the subject of your sketch. This will force a measurement of value, if the sketch does (looks) the way your picture does, it’s not right!