Keynote speaker at Mississippi Forestry Association (MFA) annual meeting

Learning from the Past to Create More Sustainable Futures: A Case for Building with Wood

October 21, 2015 – Starkville, MS

Assistant Professor Jacob Gines recently spoke at the Mississippi Forestry Association (MFA) annual meeting highlighting a rich and vibrant history of building wood structures, in particular tall timber constructions. Gines challenged the audience to “Know the Time-line” of timber product development/use and proposed a trajectory of innovative solid timber application. Several sustainable attributes of wood construction were discussed including carbon sequestration, low embodied energy, cost efficiency, timber certifications, habitat maintenance/creation, etc… Gines’ talk featured the work of Shigeru Ban Architects (Tamedia Office, Switzerland), Brendeland & Kristofferson Arkitekter (Svartlamoen Housing, Norway), and Michael Green Architects (Wood Innovation and Design Center, Canada).

Gines also highlighted the work of his recent design studio at Mississippi State University that has been exploring the realities of solid timber – tall wood buildings. His students proposals are for a mid-rise (15-20 story) building in Manhattan, NY and incorporate innovative timber technologies such as Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

MFA’s Vision is to serve as the “Voice of Forestry” in Mississippi. The MFA Mission is leading diverse groups to promote landowner rights, environmental stewardship, member prosperity, and community understanding. MFA members and staff work to accomplish this Mission by conducting public affairs, communication, and education programs that foster better understanding and appreciation of conservation, development, and use of forestland and resources.

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