Allied Health and Technology Building

Location: Cedar City, Utah

Contribution: Lead Designer, Method Studio


The Allied Health and Technology Building is featured on the west side of the property; rising two stories with the Grand Entrance/Lobby opening up to the east to face the current SWATC facility and the unique red rocks of the Hurricane Cliffs beyond. On the highly visible east and north facades, a transparent, lofty, and welcoming Grand Entrance/Lobby (complete with a covered Grand Plaza and Grand Staircase) functions as a central hub that features core services at the heart of the building. The Grand Lobby has a wing on two sides – forming a softened ‘L’ shape in plan. Both wings are enveloped by durable and modern masonry construction; balanced with ample “punched” windows and metal accents to give the building continuous rhythm and a comfortable human scale.

The classic, horizontal form of the building is modern, yet respectful of the surrounding single-family residential structures to the south and west; and complimentary to the one and two-story commercial and educational structures to the north and east. The horizontal form implements a low-slope roof and consistent parapet walls, with subtle variation only where needed for functional reasons.

Hidden from view from the street and parking areas the courtyard becomes a key organizational element of the project and an echo of the Grand Lobby/Hub. All gathering spaces and program clusters will have direct views and/or access into the space. The courtyard can function as an all-purpose outdoor classroom, providing yet another mode for teaching/learning. The courtyard can also double as a more

private or controlled outdoor gathering/social space, with opportunity for extended café and lounge seating. With a generally southern orientation, the courtyard will allow natural light to penetrate deep into the core of the building, becoming a dynamic and ever-changing component of the occupant experience.

The massing/form strategies employed will allow several programs to be featured: Culinary Arts on the main level and Health Sciences on the upper level of the East Wing, and Student Services/Bookstore and Testing Center on the main level and Administration on the upper level of the West Wing. The Technical Training programs are located on the southwest side of the building, helping to screen the related material/equipment loading areas from the main entry and major street frontage along 800 South and 860 West.


The Method Studio and Hughes General Contractors Team, in collaboration with the SWATC Team, has developed a highly-efficient and straight-forward organizational strategy for the Allied Health and Technology Building. The Plan organization features a double-loaded corridor for maximum efficiency with the overall concept being based on a simple “bar” building. To respond to the site constraints, the bar is bent into a gentle ‘L’ shape. As illustrated in the floor plans, we’ve located the main entry to the building at the connection of the two legs of the ‘L’. The key common spaces are conveniently located near the main entry at the heart/hub of the building. The ‘L’ shape creates the courtyard at the center of the building.

The common spaces, including the Cafeteria, Multipurpose Rooms, Bookstore and Testing Center, Study Lounges and Waiting Areas, Grand Lobby/Entry and Grand Stair, etc (in combination with the Courtyard/Outdoor Classroom) create an active HUB at the heart of the building. All of these spaces leverage the double-height space in the Grand Lobby. Additionally, the Board Room is featured in the Grand

Lobby, being placed on the upper level to create a buffer between the potential noise and distraction to be expected in the common areas.

The Hub is central to the two Wings of the building and provides convenient adjacency to virtually all program clusters: Culinary Arts on the main level and Health Sciences on the upper level are located in the East Wing. The Technical Training programs on the main level and Administration on the upper level are located in the West Wing. Some Health Sciences spaces are located above the Technical Training spaces in the West Wing; completing a highly-efficient stacking strategy for the building.

Both Wings are organized around a central, double-loaded hallway for maximum efficiency. Open stairways are provided to enhance vertical connections and to provide emergency egress pathways. Each of the program clusters has additional internal circulation, but in most cases the clusters are connected directly to the main hallway as illustrated in the floor plans. This organizational strategy allows for a significant majority of spaces to be located on an exterior wall, with opportunities for windows, natural daylight, and views to the existing SWATc facilities and the beautiful landscape of Cedar City.


Generally, the proposed site development includes a total of 4.71 acres – extending east to west from 555 West to 860 West, and north to south from 800 South to the center of the property (ranging from 70’ north of the existing ditch to 95 feet south of the existing ditch). Parking will be located on the east side of the site and the building will be placed on the west side of the site. Three new vehicular access points will be provided: the main access to parking will be from 800 South with the main entry point at approximately the middle of the property. A secondary entry closer to 555 West will also be provided with an additional access point from 860 West that leads to the loading areas (generally considered as a service road).

The building experience starts well before the front door… and success is reinforced with great site design. Our Team has created a gateway to the new campus at the corner of 800 South and 555 West, featuring a Welcome Plaza complete with a SWATC monument sign, bench seating, and landscaping. This paved plaza will provide a moment of pause on the pathway between the current facility and the new building. Between the Welcome Plaza and the new building, our team has provided a developed Promenade with a paved walkway and featured landscaping; essentially

fi nishing the 800 South street-front all the way to the Grand Plaza and Grand Entrance of the new building.

To the south of the Promenade new campus parking will be provided – conveniently located central to both the current SWATC facility and the new Allied Health Technology Building. In addition to this main lot, street parking will be provided along 800 South to allow for multiple modes of convenient parking for visitors, students, instructors, etc. 180 stalls on asphalt paving are to be provided, with future expansion of parking master planned into the design. A total of (6) Handicap-Accessible parking stalls will be provided to meet IBC minimum requirements. Where illustrated in the site plan, new paved walkways will be provided from the parking area to the main building pad, and thus to the main entry points to the building.

Where new connections to existing pedestrian pathways require people to cross existing streets or new driveways, our Team will provide new painted crosswalks to contribute to their safety. A total of 8 new painted crosswalks will be provided.

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