Sweet Caroline Residence

Location: Navajo Indian Reservation, Utah

Contribution: Design/Build Team, Design Build Bluff program, University of Utah

Design Arts Utah 2008 Award Winner

Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Honorable Mention 2006

Salt Lake Tribune “People’s Choice” Award 2006

The unique time-line of Caroline Lameman’s life is expressed very literally in the architecture of her home; resulting in the converging and interplay of Anglo and Navajo traditions.  The basic diagram of the home juxtaposes a straight wall (Anglo) against a delicately curved wall (Navajo).  These two walls mediate these fundamentally different ideologies and serve as the primary means of dividing and regulating the spaces.  100% off-the-grid, this home employs natural day-lighting strategies, a Trombe wall, super-insulated walls, composting toilet, and water collecting roof with a 500 gallon below grade cistern.

sweet caroline 1

sweet caroline 2

sweet caroline 3