Carl Small Town Center wins national award for Delta project

April 7th, 2011 Comments Off on Carl Small Town Center wins national award for Delta project

Mississippi State’s Carl Small Town Center’s efforts to help revitalize one of the oldest and most historic African American neighborhoods in Greenwood is being recognized by the American Planning Association.

During the APA’s National Planning Conference April 12 in Boston, CSTC director John Poros and assistant director Leah Kemp will accept the group’s Outstanding Student Project award for the center’s Baptist Town project. The honor recognizes efforts by a university graduate or undergraduate class or individual that addresses a planning issue facing a small town or rural area.


“Expanding Mediums of Practice: Working Outside the Architectural Box” NOMAS SYMPOSIUM 2011

April 1st, 2011 Comments Off on “Expanding Mediums of Practice: Working Outside the Architectural Box” NOMAS SYMPOSIUM 2011


location: GILES HALL in front of the main office

“COLLABORATING: Accommodating Diversity”

“BRANCHING: Adapting by Diversifying”

reception to follow

“COLLABORATING: Accommodating Diversity”

How can architecture accommodate diversity through collaboration?

How does the architect negotiate his/her ethical responsibility when pursuing other collaborations of design with other businesses?

Does architecture become a reflection of our society? And how do we negotiate the change of this ideal to one that supports all social classes while still empowering the architect?

How does the architect empower themselves and benefit the community in their ventures to create architecture of substance?

What forms of collaboration are possible in the larger community?

How does architecture address the relationship of becoming a want of the client versus a need for the community?

How do we address the architecture medium to merge social classes with the growing needs to fund architecture through relationships with other businesses?

Would the collaboration of different fields of practice achieve an expansion of architecture into a more public realm that benefits the wider community?

How can architecture merge the distinctions between differing social classes through collaboration?

Can architecture be a practice that is divorced from being client based and move towards being self generative?

“BRANCHING: Adapting by Diversifying”

How can architects adapt to the current economic and social climate by diversifying the practice of architecture?

How do the differing fields of design and discipline affect the practice of architecture?

Can an architect become involved with the different fields and still maintain his or her position within the field of architecture?

What does our architectural education train us for, and how does this begin to change the meaning of architecture today?

Does architecture become more generalized or specialized when one begins to branch out into the different fields of architecture?

Does the expansion of architecture to be inclusive of differing fields of business dilute the meaning and practice of architecture?

What occurs when architecture become over generalized?

How do we adapt in a rapidly specialized world?

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