Fourth-year architecture studio holds review

October 27th, 2015 Comments Off on Fourth-year architecture studio holds review

(Via Jake Gines)

Assistant Professor Jacob Gines’ fourth-year studio recently held a review this coming in the Giles Hall Gallery.

This semester, the studio is examining the role of heavy timber tectonics in contemporary architecture – primarily focusing on structure as scaffolding and façade as skin.

Students are engaging this topic from a historic perspective and researching the significance and varied application of these tectonic manifestations through an introduction to some tectonic theory and precedent.

The scholarly study of the tekton (carpenter or builder) and the discourse surrounding the notion of tectonics received much attention throughout the late 1800’s and continues to exist as a critical endeavor today. It can be argued that at the heart of tectonic inquiry is the idea and application of poesis, ‘to make’. This constructed attitude will motivate the students to express their research and design attitude through a series of iterative exercises, which will be visualized using palimpsestic drawing and additive modeling.

Proposals are for a speculative building sited in Manhattan, NY at 104 West 57th Street.

Topics addressed in this review include:

  • Order
  • Organization
  • Structure
  • Tectonics: Mass. Plane, Frame
  • Frampton: Studies in Tectonic Culture

The final review for this studio will be held on Tues., Dec. 1 from 9-6 p.m. Please call the school at 662-325-2202 if you plan to attend and to confirm times.

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