Architecture students provide designs for Smithville’s future

September 30th, 2011 Comments Off on Architecture students provide designs for Smithville’s future

AMORY, Miss. (WTVA) — MSU architecture students presented some urban design plans to Smithville’s mayor Thursday evening.

Twenty-seven seniors have worked on group projects since August to rebuild Smithville following the April tornado.

“We are trying to show options to the town of Smithvile.  This way they will have a lot of different options to choose from,” said John Poros, associate professor.

“I have never planned for a city before.  It was a really unique experience to plan for a city,” said MSU senior Brian Funchess.

“This is actually one of our first town major development projects.  So, we actually get to design.  We have not had a chance to do that,” said senior Brad Mallette.

“The thing that I was impressed with was the actual drawing that incorporated the Tenn-Tom Waterway into our future,” stated Smithville Mayor Gregg Kennedy.

The designs and plans will go into a comprehensive plan Smithville will produce and possibly follow.