School of Architecture alumna featured in MS Business Journal

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Ann Somers helps review 4th-year students' projects after the March 2013 Advisory Council Meeting.

Ann Somers helps review 4th-year students’ projects after the March 2013 Advisory Council Meeting.

Ann Somers, a member of the School of Architecture Advisory Council and a 1981 alumna, was recently featured in the Mississippi Business Journal.

Ann Somers enjoys her career because of variety of projects and the people she meets
by Lynn Lofton

While growing up in Byram, Ann Somers loved putting thing together, such as puzzles, model cars and ships and fantasy Barbie kingdoms. That interest in building things led to a career in architecture, something she learned about as an eighth-grader.

“I knew that was what I wanted to do,” Somers recalls. “Up to that point I did not like school and was an average student. Once I understood I needed to have a good grade point average to get into architecture school, I stepped it up and became a good student. The other thought with architecture was that I could branch into interior design or site design with an architecture degree.”

All of her first 12 years of school were spent in Byram where she graduated with around 30 class members; some were together all 12 years. She grew up in a rural home with plenty of pets and animals. Her grandparents lived next door, and Somers played outside all the time. “There were very few kids my age around so I entertained myself,” she said.

She remembers her father, who died when she was 10 years of age, as fun to be with and involving her in whatever he was doing, which was mainly farming and selling vegetables to local stores and restaurants. “My mother was a registered nurse who taught nursing most of her career and ended her career teaching hospital staff how to teach patients about their medical issues, so they could stay well,” Somers said. “She was very early in the wellness movement, a great role model for me and extremely supportive.”

After graduation from the Mississippi State University School of Architecture, Somers, 56, spent time working in New York City and Savannah, Ga.; experiences she feels gave her a good background for returning to her home state to work in her profession. In 2003 she was chosen the Alumna of the Year for the MSU School of Architecture.

Now a partner in the Jackson firm of Cooke Douglass Farr Lemons, Somers enjoys the continual learning of being an architect. “It is never boring. Every project type has a learning curve, and building materials and systems are ever changing,” she says. “Plus there are new people you get to know with each new project.”

Although Somers has worked on many high-profile projects, she has difficulty choosing one single project of which she’s the most proud. “That’s a hard question because I love all our buildings. They’re a little like children I birthed into the world. But to pick just one building, it would be the Mississippi Department of Archives and History building.”

As a dream project, Somers is currently thinking a lot about what makes the perfect retirement living situation. “I would love to design a retirement village where you can age gracefully and happily  in place,” she said.

As a long time member of the Sierra Club, Somers is vitally interested in architecture that’s environmentally friendly and sees some changes coming to Mississippi in that regard. “Mississippi is getting better and it’s partially due to a national movement started through USGBC (United States Green Building Council) LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) to work toward sustainability and create healthier environments,” she said. “The USGBC website is a great resource for project owners to see what is possible. As owners are educated and excited by what is possible in building, greater changes will be made. In the meantime, architects, engineers and contractors are making a difference through smart design, efficient systems design and construction waste reduction.”

When not working, Somers volunteers with Community Animal Rescue and Adoption, which she also serves as a board member, and Rankin County Animal Adoption foundation. “Metro Jackson has a terrible problem with unwanted pets,” she said. “The local government is euthanizing about 15,000 pets annually, which is 288 per week. We do not have a culture of spaying and neutering our pets, so along with adoption promotion, I am involved with spay and neuter public education.”

She and husband Jim Somers, a landscape architect who recently retired, live in Jackson and have four dogs and a cat — “all of which are beautiful, sweet and perfect.” The couple is committed to making Jackson a great place to live. “We help by promoting and participating in music, art, and community events,” she said.

CAAD research centers receive AIA/MS 2014 Design Awards

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web 24-Women in Construction Training Center copy

Women in Construction Training Center (GCCDS)

23- Baptist Town_Disk Three_Image

Baptist Town Master Plan (CSTC)

On October 16, the Mississippi Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA Mississippi) hosted a Design Awards Celebration in Jackson to honor recipients of its Design Awards and Member Awards, as well as newly licensed architects, landscape architects and interior designers in the state.

The two research centers housed in Mississippi State University’s College of Architecture, Art and Design both were honored at the event.

The Gulf Coast Community Design Studio (GCCDS) received an Honor Award in the Architecture/New Construction category for the Women in Construction Training Center for the Moore Community House.

Women in Construction is an organization that trains and assists women to get jobs in construction-related fields. Over the years Women in Construction has been a partner with the GCCDS on many projects for homeowners and for the community.

David Perkes, director of the GCCDS said, “It was especially rewarding to work with them to create a work space that embodies their ‘can-do’ culture. Building the project was as important as getting it built, and the completed building is a testament of the capability of the women students, staff and volunteers.”

The Carl Small Town Center (CSTC) received a Citation Award in the Master Planning and Urban Design Category for the Baptist Town Master Plan for the Greenwood Leflore Carroll Economic Development Foundation.

“The award for the Baptist Town Master Plan reaffirms the longterm effort the CSTC has made in its commitment to Greenwood and the Baptist Town neighborhood,” said Leah Kemp, assistant director of the CSTC. “We are starting to see these master plan elements come to life as recent housing has been installed and the community center is under renovation.”

“It is a testament to the School of Architecture’s commitment to ‘community design’ and ‘social justice’ when our research centers are recognized for their amazing outreach work with Design Awards from the AIA Mississippi Chapter,” said Michael Berk, F.L. Crane Professor and director of the School of Architecture. “The work that our centers produce is nothing short of heroic — and the impacts to the communities will be felt for generations.”

The AIA Mississippi Design Awards program is part of the annual program of events, Mississippi Celebrates Architecture, presented by AIA Mississippi. The goal of the program, which also features an Educational Symposium and a Public Outreach and Exhibition, is to promote and celebrate the role of architecture in Mississippi’s culture. The Design Awards program further seeks to encourages design excellence and elevate the quality of architecture and design in the state by recognizing and honoring members’ works of distinction.

Read the story on the MSU website.


Several alumni and friends of the School of Architecture were also honored at the event. See the full list of AIA/MS 2014 Design Awards below.

Honor Awards:
Albert & Associates Architects, P.A.
Charnley-Norwood House Restoration
Mississippi Dept. of Marine Resources
& Mississippi Dept. of Archives and History

• Cooke Douglass Farr Lemons Architects & Engineers, PA
(Architecture/New Construction)
Puckett Machinery Headquarters
Hastings Puckett

• Gulf Coast Community Design Studio
(Architecture/New Construction)
Women in Construction Training Center
Moore Community House

Merit Awards:
JBHM Architecture
(Architecture/New Construction)
Tupelo Aquatics Center
City of Tupelo

• Duvall Decker Architects, P.A.
James H. White Library Renovation
Mississippi Valley State University
Bureau of Building, Grounds and Real Property Management
State of Mississippi

• Duvall Decker Architects, P.A.
Mississippi Dept. of Information Technology Services
Cooperative Data Center
Bureau of Building, Grounds and Real Property Management
State of Mississippi

• unabridged Architecture

(Architecture/New Construction)
Waveland Business Center
City of Waveland

• WFT Architects, P.A.
Rehabilitation of the Medgar Evers House Museum
Tougaloo College

• WFT Architects, P.A.
Exterior Rehabilitation of the John W. Boddie House
(The Mansion), Phase II
Tougaloo College

• Carl Small Town Center
(Master Planning Urban Design)
Baptist Town Master Plan
Greenwood Leflore Carroll Economic Development Foundation

• Belinda Stewart Architects, P.A.
(Architecture/New Construction)
Delta Blues Museum Muddy Waters Addition
Delta Blues Museum

School of Architecture alumnus selected as finalist in international competition

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TEX-FAB, a digital fabrication alliance, recently held an international digital to design fabrication competition, “Plasticity.” They received 70 entries from 16 countries on 6 continents.

Nels Long, a 2013 graduate of the School of Architecture, (along with team members Brennen Huller and Nikita Troufanov) was selected as a top-four finalist, going on to present at the 2014 ACADIA Design Agency Conference at USC in Los Angeles, Calif.

The prototype will be on exhibit at the University of Houston School of Architecture along with the other two prototypes and the winning installation from March 26 – October 2015.

Project Boards:


Project Summary: PUFF’D prototype explores plasticity of composite construction and the role of the seam and joint in architecture. Inspired by Japanese joinery, puffy jackets and jet fighter airplanes, PUFF’D proposes a novel construction technique for full scale architecture. Instead of following parametric paneling and module-based logics, PUFF’D employs large monolithic building components or ‘mega panels’ suggesting new ways of full scale assembly on site. The project follows up on our previous explorations with mega-panels, joinery and robotic assembly. The previous prototype used the language of stitching and wood joinery to study how composite mega-panels may come together as assembly. The current proposal scales up and develops an inflatable composite sandwich technique to minimize waste and explore new formal and structural possibilities. Instead of milling a foam block and laying up fiberglass, we propose sewing two sheets of uncured ‘pre-preg’ fiberglass and injecting spray foam inside. The form of the prototype is a folded envelope with hyperbolic surfaces. Structural analysis was run on the form and stress gradients were identified. That information was then used as a template to parametrically develop structural reinforcement in the surface. The thickening of the surface took place by inflating the regions that needed more resistance to stresses. Inflation produced interesting effects, beginning to resemble a puffy jacket or lush baroque furniture. Where there was little stress in the shell, no foam is needed and the surface becomes very thin and transparent, producing effect of multi-materiality. The interior of the shell became highly articulated and the exterior remained smooth and simple. Seams and joints were then introduced to break up the shell with a real/fake joint language. While the puffy interior expressed only the real assembly joints, the smooth exterior surface began to have fake seams running off and around the real seams to give articulation to the exterior.

Biography: During his undergraduate studies, Long had the opportunity to interact with many different cultures and methodologies through an exchange with a program in Izmir, Turkey, an internship with the Center for Maximum Potential Buildings Systems and the Austin chapter of Architects Without Borders, among others. These experiences come together in his work through a passion for the use of games and play as creative tools. Extreme low-tech and the cutting-edge juxtapose in the development of his method. This results in virtual reality software alongside trading card suites with the intent to stimulate communities towards positive change while simultaneously mitigating psychological strain. The potential of his work has been recognized through lectures given at the Technical University of Berlin and the Architectural Association’s visiting school hosted by Art Academy University in 2014.

In the finalists’ round, the jury agreed that Puff’d Composites offered a range of unique features that would benefit from additional research and full-scale prototyping. Juror Alvin Huang was “intrigued by the formal articulation of the soft puffed interior vs. the interlocking seams of the hard shell.” Benjamin Ball applauded the project for being “one of the few that seriously explores the design and production of architecturally scaled components that function.” He added, “Puff’d expands the simple notion that seams are a border between separate panels to that of an interlocking mechanical connection that functions.”

PUFFD from CAADatMSU on Vimeo.

Construction Sequence:

Final Prototype:

Lt. Gov. Reeves names architecture alumnus to Jackson Sales Tax Commission

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Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves today named small business owner and local architect Michael Boerner to the 1-percent sales tax commission charged with overseeing expenditures from a recent sales tax increase in the city of Jackson.

The 10-member commission will develop a plan for infrastructure repairs and address how tax revenues will support the plan.

In January, voters in Jackson approved raising the city’s sales tax by 1 percent to fund infrastructure repairs.

“Michael has a passion for the city of Jackson and wants our capital city to be successful,” Lt. Gov. Reeves said. “His experience managing a business and expertise as an architect will be useful as the commission prepares a plan to address Jackson’s infrastructure challenges.”

Boerner, AIA, LEED AP, is the principal of Wier+Boerner Architecture in Jackson.

He has a bachelor of architecture degree from Mississippi State University (2002) and a bachelor of science degree in business administration from Millsaps College.

Boerner has architectural experience working for firms in Dallas, Birmingham, New Orleans and Jackson.

“Jackson needs a strong, reliable infrastructure to thrive,” Boerner said. “I look forward to serving on the commission and helping to shape the city’s future.”

The Jackson resident has worked on numerous projects around Mississippi, including Babalu restaurant in the Fondren neighborhood of Jackson, renovations to the Mississippi State Fairgrounds and Coliseum and the Iron Horse Grill restaurant in downtown Jackson. He also serves on the State Board of Architecture.

Boerner and his wife, Katherine, have one daughter and attend Galloway United Methodist Church in Jackson.

School of Architecture alumni promoted at CDFL

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photo from CDFL

The Jackson-based architecture firm, Cooke Douglass Farr Lemons Architects & Engineers PA (CDFL), has named 1994 MSU School of Architecture alumnus David Burnet a principal of the firm.

photo from CDFL

photo from CDFL

The firm also named 2001 alumni Matthew Buchanan and Chris Myers as associates.

Congratulations to these alumni!

Read more about this and other news at CDFL here.

School of Architecture holds annual Recognition Day honoring the Class of 2014

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Recognition Day for the School of Architecture was held on May 16, 2014 in the Robert and Freda Harrison Auditorium.

Class of 2014 3

Class of 2014: (Left to Right) First Row: Danielle Glass, Taylor Keefer, Ariel Westmark, Jordan Gill, Salena Tew, Brennan Plunkett, Chelsea Pierce, Chris Rivera; Second Row: Adam Rhoades, Chance Stokes, Mike Varhalla, Mack Braden, Eric Lynn, Blake Clanton, Joe Mangialardi, Kristen Brown, Sam Ball; Third Row: Zach Carnegie, Mike McKinnon, Sam Krusee, Jacob Owens, Michael Ford (almost hidden), Tyler Baumann, London Evans, Jared Brown; Not pictured: Jessica Alexander (summer 2014), Ryan Callahan, Taylor Stewart

Dr. Julia HodgesDr. Julia Hodges, associate vice president for academic affairs, welcomed everyone to campus.

HarrisonsRobert V. M. Harrison and his wife, Freda, were honored for their many contributions to the school, including the Harrison Lecture Series.

James P. CramerJames P. Cramer gave the 24th Annual Dr. William L. and Jean P. Giles Memorial Lecture.

Faculty and staff were recognized before announcing the 2014 awards:

Allen & Hoshall Faculty Award Hans HerrmannAllen & Hoshall Faculty Award
Recipient: Assistant Professor Hans Herrmann
The architectural firm of Allen & Hoshall of Jackson, Mississippi, has established a $500 annual award to a faculty member “who has demonstrated excellence in teaching.” The award winners are selected by the fifth-year graduating class.


Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society (TSD)
Chapter President: David Lewis
Faculty Advisor: Assistant Professors Hans Herrmann, Jacob Gines
Tau Sigma Delta is the architectural (and allied programs) honor society open to top academic students in design disciplines. Induction does not occur until the student consistently demonstrates high academic standards and is in the third-year.

TSD Initiates:
West Pierce, Joseph Rose, Mary Sanders, Cody Smith,
Casey Walker, Hannah Waycaster, Taylor Yates

TSD Fifth-Year Graduates:
Tyler Baumann, Mack Braden, Kristen Brown, Danielle Glass,
Taylor Keefer, Michael McKinnon, Brennan Plunkett,
Chance Stokes, Michael Varhalla

TSD 1 year design award Ben WebsterTSD First-Year Design Award
Recipient: Ben Webster
The Tau Sigma Delta First-Year Design Award is presented to the first-year design student who has exhibited excellence in design. This is a book award.

TSD Bronze Medal Jordan GillTSD Bronze Medal (Fifth-Year Award)
Recipient: Jordan Gill
The Tau Sigma Delta Bronze Medal is presented by the third and fourth-year student membership of the society to a graduating fifth-year student who in
his/her thesis project has expanded the students’ insight and awareness of architecture.

TSD Faculty Book Award Alexis GregoryTSD Faculty Book Award
Recipient: Assistant Professor Alexis Gregory
The Tau Sigma Delta Faculty Book Award is presented by the third and fourth-year student members to the faculty member who has inspired them
to excellence.

TSD Charles Calvo Digital Media Award Recipient: Robert Ledet
In fall 2000, Tau Sigma Delta established this book award in memory of a School of Architecture faculty member, Charles Calvo, and his contribution in the field of digital media in architecture. This award goes to a fourth-year student who, like Charles, has exemplified an incredible knowledge and skill in digital media and has continually educated other students in this field. A copy of the book given to the award winner is also given to the library in memory of Charles Calvo.

National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)
Chapter President: Anthony Penny
Faculty Advisors: Professor Rachel McCann
Assistant Professor Emily McGlohn
National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS) is the student arm of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA). Students participating seek to enhance the educational experience of its members by fostering diversity within the School of Architecture and the community at-large.

NOMAS Diversity Award Colton StephensThe 2014 NOMAS Diversity Award
Recipient: Colton Jackson Stephens
Chosen by the NOMAS membership, the NOMAS Diversity Award is given to a
student who has shown outstanding initiative and leadership in promoting diversity within the School and the larger community.

American Institute of Architecture Students
Chapter Vice President: West Pierce
Faculty Advisor: Assistant Professor Alexis Gregory
American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is the student counterpart of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The chapter works closely with professional architects in the state through the Mississippi Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

AIAS member of yr Joseph RoseThe AIAS Member of the Year Award
Recipient: Joseph Rose
The recipient of the AIAS Award is chosen by the AIAS membership. The qualifications for this award are: “…that the student goes above and beyond what has been asked of him/her; has shown initiative and leadership qualities; has been
an AIAS leader within his/her year level; and does well academically.”


First-Year Faculty Book Award
Studio Coordinator: Assistant Professor Andrew R. Tripp
Recipient: Diondria Bingham
This award is a book selected by the first-year faculty and is presented to a first-year student selected on the basis of ‘design excellence’.

Ryan Fierro

Ryan Fierro

Second-Year Faculty Book Award
Studio Coordinator: Assistant Professor Justin Taylor
Recipients: Ryan Fierro and Brad Trevino
This award is a book selected by the second-year faculty and is presented to a second-year student selected on the basis of ‘design excellence’.

West Pierce

West Pierce

Third-Year Faculty Book Award
Studio Coordinator: Assistant Professor Alexis Gregory
Recipients: West Pierce and Scott Polley
This award is a book selected by the third-year faculty and is presented to a third-year student/s selected on the basis of ‘design excellence’.

The Brick Industry Association Student Design Competition
Winning team members, $800 each:
Carter Brown, Patrick Brown, Casey Walker (Architecture);
Bryan Marks (Building Construction Science)
Honorable Mention team members:
Ryan Mura, Mary Sanders, Hannah Waycaster (Architecture);
Allie Salas (Building Construction Science)
The Third Annual Brick Industry Association Student Design Competition was held this spring 2014 semester. For the competition, student teams composed of third-year students from the School of Architecture and the Building Construction Science Program were tasked with designing a new fire station for the Lowndes County Volunteer Fire Department in Caledonia. The students worked with faculty and a collection of volunteer firefighters, professional architects, and professional constructors to develop their projects.

4th year book awards Will Commarato and Brooke DormanFourth-Year Faculty Book Award
Studio Coordinator: Assistant Professor Hans Herrmann
Recipients: Will Commarato and Brooke Dorman
This award is a book selected by the fourth-year faculty and is presented to a fourth-year student/s selected on the basis of ‘design excellence’.

Landon Kennedy

Landon Kennedy

John Taylor Schaffhauser

John Taylor Schaffhauser

Mississippi Maritime Museum Capstone Awards (Fourth-Year)* Winners ($500 each): Landon Kennedy and John Taylor Schaffhauser

4th year capstone honorable mention Jonathan GreerHonorable Mention (book award): Jonathan Greer
The Capstone Awards are in recognition of exceptional comprehensive design as demonstrated by a fourth-year student. This year, the students worked on a project to design schematic proposals and scenarios for a proposed “Mississippi Maritime Museum” to honor the legendary history of shipbuilding in Pascagoula and the various maritime interests on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The students and faculty worked closely with the museum’s Board of Directors. It is a real project with potential to influence the future programming and design of the actual museum. Results of the students’ work (this semester) will be used to market the project and become an instrumental component of their fundraising strategy. The site is located on an island in the Pascagoula Riverway. *This year, the studio funding and awards are sponsored by the Mississippi Maritime Museum Board of Directors in Pascagoula, MS.

ARCC King Taylor KeeferARCC King Award
Presented by: Professor John Poros, CSTC Director
Recipient: Taylor Keefer
Selection for this award is made by the entire faculty. Named in honor of the late Jonathan King, co-founder and first president of the Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC), this award is presented to one student per ARCC-member school. Selection of the recipient is based upon criteria that acknowledge innovation, integrity, and scholarship in architectural and/or environmental design research.

Brief description Taylor’s work:
“King Cotton: Mapping Mississippi’s Post-Industrial Landscape”
During the summer of 2013, Taylor Keefer was awarded the inaugural Belinda Stewart Fellowship in the school’s Carl Small Town Center, providing her the opportunity to conduct adaptive-reuse and preservation research appertaining to Mississippi’s industrial cotton past. Under the direction of Assistant Professor Jake Gines, Keefer identified over 250 cotton mills, gins, compresses, and other significant cotton-related facilities throughout the state, as well as conducting precedent studies that sought after procedural devices for the developmental best practices of these industrial/historically significant structures.


Chance Stokes

Chance Stokes

Michael McKinnon

Michael McKinnon

Chelsea Pierce

Chelsea Pierce

Fifth-Year Jurists’ Award
Presented by: Professor Jassen Callender, Jackson Center Director
Recipients: Michael McKinnon, Chelsea Pierce, and Chance Stokes
The Jurists’ Award, a book award, is conferred by the fifth-year design faculty upon the student(s) who has achieved the greatest personal growth as a designer, and whose work has contributed to the overall success of the fifth-year Design Studio.

Academic Achievement Award Danielle GlassAcademic Achievement Award
Recipient: Danielle Glass
The Academic Achievement Award is a book award presented to the graduating fifth-year student who has the highest cumulative MSU grade point average.

Creative Windows fellowship Mack BradenCreative Windows & Doors/Marvin Windows Traveling Fellowship
($2,000) Recipient: Mack Braden
In September 2004, Dave Young and Eddie Rives, owners of Creative Windows & Doors, and David Morris, Marvin Windows representative, established this traveling fellowship for a student completing the fifth-year.

Alpha Rho Chi Medal Mack BradenAlpha Rho Chi Medal
Presented by: Dean Jim West
Recipient: Mack Braden
Since 1931, Alpha Rho Chi, a national professional fraternity for architecture and the allied arts, has been awarding the Alpha Rho Chi Medal. The Alpha Rho Chi Medal is awarded to the graduating fifth-year student who has shown an ability for leadership, performed willing service for the school, and gives promise of professional merit through attitude and personality. The medal is offered each year to every NAAB-fully accredited school of architecture. The recipient is chosen by the entire faculty of the school.

Tyler Baumann

Tyler Baumann – Certificate

Danielle Glass

Danielle Glass – Medal

AIA Henry Adams Certificate and Medal
Presented by: Professor Michael Berk
Certificate Recipient: Tyler Baumann
Medal Recipient: Danielle Glass
Sponsored by the American Institute of Architects, the AIA Henry Adams Certificate and Medal are considered to be the most important awards given to graduating students. They are awarded for “general excellence in architecture” throughout the course of study. The medal is awarded to the most qualified student, and the certificate is awarded to the runner-up. Selection is made by the entire faculty.


Other Notable Student Awards, 2013-2014
2014 Office of Research and Economic Development Undergraduate Research Assistant Award
Chelsea Pierce
For her work in the Carl Small Town Center on Rural Sustainability

Association for Retired Faculty (ARF) William L. Giles Award
for Excellence in Architecture
John Taylor Schaffhauser
This award was established in 1997 in honor and memory of William Lincoln Giles, a charter member of ARF. It is given each year to a student selected by the School of Architecture on the basis of academic excellence and overall leadership within the school. The student selected is presented with a framed certificate and a check for $500 at the annual ARF Christmas banquet. Funding for the award comes from a contribution by Ms. Hazel Presson, aunt of Ginger Giles
Jones, Dr. Giles’ daughter.

First Place, Gensler Diversity Award
Larry Travis
The Gensler Diversity Scholarship is a juried program recognizing emerging talent among African-American college students enrolled in an accredited architecture program. Three winners will receive an academic scholarship and are offered a Gensler internship. The judges, representing a range of design professions, selected the winners from numerous applications across the nation.


2014-2015 Scholarships
Paul Grootkerk Travel Award
($4,000)    Cody Smith
The Paul Grootkerk Travel Award (funded by Ted T. Porter) is available to full-time students who will have completed their second year of study. Candidates must have a minimum MSU 2.5 GPA, be hard working and can demonstrate financial need.

Burris Wagnon Architects Scholarship
($2,500)    John Taylor Schaffhauser
Applicants must be a full-time student entering their fifth year of study in the School of Architecture; have demonstrated academic achievement, and maintained a minimum MSU 3.0 GPA; have demonstrated exceptional design work or the work ethic and ability to achieve exceptional design work; and have demonstrated financial need.

Acme Brick Company Scholarship
($2,000)    John Taylor Schaffhauser
Applicants must be: entering the fifth-year design studio in the School of Architecture; have a minimum grade point average of 3.0; be of good moral character; and have demonstrated leadership ability and strong overall academic performance.

Duvall Decker Minority Travel Scholarship
($2,000)    Yerix Morel
Applicants must be currently enrolled as a full-time student and be a member of an under-represented minority group in the practice of architecture and also meet the following criteria: 1)self motivated learner; 2)high GPA; 3)demonstrate financial need.

Interior Elements Annual Scholarship
($2,000)    Cody Smith, Aryn Phillips
Applicants must be full-time students entering the fourth-year design studio, be in excellent academic standing, and be a student with exceptional design ability.

Mockbee Hall & Drake Scholarships
($2,000)        Katherine Ernst
($1,350)        Jonathan Greer
Applicants must be: entering the fifth-year design studio in the School of Architecture; have a minimum grade point average of 3.0; be of good moral character; and have demonstrated leadership ability.

Boral Bricks, Inc. Loyalty Scholarship
($1,000*)    Micah Dear
Applicants must be majoring in Building Construction Science or Architecture and have a minimum 3.0 GPA and an entering freshman. * renewable up to five years.

Columbus Brick Company Loyalty Scholarship
($1,000)    Micajah Tucker
Applicants must be entering freshmen or transfer students in the School of Architecture or the Department of Art; have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Candidates should demonstrate leadership ability/potential and may be considered to receive the award for up to four years, provided they maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Creig B. Hoskins Architects Scholarship
($1,000)    Whitney White
Applicants must be entering the first-year design studio in the School of Architecture; be a resident of one of the following Mississippi counties: Bolivar, Calhoun, Carroll, Coahoma, Grenada, Humphreys, Leflore, Montgomery, Panola, Quitman, Sunflower, Tallahatchie, Washington, Yalobusha; and can demonstrate financial need.

Matt L. Virden III and M.L. Virden IV Memorial Scholarship
($1,000)    Aryn Phillips
Students must be entering the third-year (or higher) of design studio in the School of Architecture; have a minimum 2.80 overall grade point average; be of good moral character; have demonstrated leadership; can demonstrate financial need; and be a resident of one of the following Mississippi Delta counties: Bolivar, Carroll, Coahoma, Desoto, Holmes, Humphreys, Issaquena, Leflore, Panola, Quitman, Sharkey, Sunflower, Tallahatchie, Tate, Tunica, Warren, Washington, Yazoo.

McCarty Company Loyalty Scholarship
($1,000)    Mitchell Hubbell, Kaitlyn Hoover
Applicants must be entering Freshman at MSU with a minimum 3.0 high school GPA.

Stephanie Mihojevich Pizzetta Annual Scholarship
($1,000)    Caleb Fearing
Candidates must be full-time students at Mississippi State University; have completed their second-year of design studio in the School of Architecture; have a minimum grade point average of 3.0; and can demonstrate financial need.

Pryor & Morrow Annual Scholarship
($500)    Kevin Flores, Nenyatta Smith
Any students in their second- through fifth-year of design studio may apply; are full-time students at Mississippi State University; have completed their first-year design studio in the School of Architecture; are residents of Mississippi; and can demonstrate financial need.

Johnson-McAdams Design Discovery Scholarships
($595): Jasmine Dennis, Marcus Graves, Zahria Towns
Applicants must be from Leflore County, Mississippi, or be a member of an under-represented minority group in the practice of architecture; be sixteen years of age or older; and be genuinely interested in a career in architecture and related disciplines. This scholarship funds students to attend this eight-day summer camp and workshop..

Angelo “Pops” Primos Computer Scholarship
(CAAD software): Diondria Bingham, Maria Degtyareva,
Savannah Ingram, Gerald Wicks
Applicants must be enrolled as full-time students at Mississippi State University; entering the second-year design studio in the School of Architecture; and can demonstrate financial need.

Class of 2014
Samuel “Sam” Jerome Ball, Jr.
Tyler Paul Baumann
Michael “Mack” Thomas McKinney Braden
Jared Allen Brown
Kristin Alise Brown
Anthony Ryan Callahan (not present)
Zachary “Zach” Marion Carnegie
Benjamin Blake Clanton
London Newvon Evans
Michael Wesley Ford
Jordan Leigh Gill
Danielle Alyssa Glass
Kelsey Taylor Keefer
Sam McLean Krusee
Eric James Lynn
Joseph “Joe” Michael Mangialardi
Michael Lee McKinnon
Jacob Aaron Owens
Chelsea Marie Pierce
Brennan Bailey Plunkett
Adam Gregory Rhoades
Christopher Edusada Rivera
Dustin Taylor Stewart (not present)
Chance Anthony Stokes
Salena Kathryn Tew
Michael Joseph Varhalla
Ariel Nicole Westmark

More award photos and reception:

Click here to see and download the program.

School of Architecture students wrap up year with final reviews

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Collaborative Studio (third-year architecture and third-year building construction science students)

Collaborative Studio (third-year architecture and third-year building construction science students)

Jury reviews for the School of Architecture were held April 25 through May 5.

Students in each studio presented their final projects before a jury.

First-Year Reviews, April 28:

Second-Year Reviews, April 25:

Third-Year Reviews (Collaborative Studio), April 30:

Fourth-Year Reviews, April 29 and May 6:
The fourth-year studios presented proposals for the Mississippi Maritime Museum to be located in Pascagoula. See a story about the project.

Fifth-Year Reviews, May 2 – 3:

Read more about each studio’s final projects.

James P. Cramer to present 24th Annual Jean Giles Memorial Lecture

April 21st, 2014 Comments Off

jcramer IMAGERecognition Day for the School of Architecture will be held on Fri., May 16 at 1 p.m. in the Robert and Freda Harrison Auditorium.

Graduating fifth-year architecture students will be honored along with students in each year level receiving scholarships and other awards.

The Annual Jean Giles Memorial Lecture will be given by James P. Cramer.

(Via DesignIntelligence) “James P. Cramer is the founding editor and publisher of DesignIntelligence as well as the founder and CEO of the Greenway Group. He researches, consults, and gives seminars for leading professional firms around the world. He is the author of several hundred articles and several books, including the critically acclaimed Design Plus Enterprise: Seeking a New Reality in Architecture. He is co-author of How Firms Succeed: A Field Guide to Management Solutions, and the editor of the Almanac of Architecture and Design. Cramer is the former chief executive of the American Institute of Architects in Washington, D.C. (1988-94), the recipient of more than 80 awards and honors, a Richard Upjohn Fellow of the AIA, and a Fellow of the International Leadership Forum in La Jolla, Calif. He is currently the president of the Washington, D.C.-based think tank the Design Futures Council. An educator, futurist, and business adviser, he is often leading strategic retreats and facilitating sessions about “futures invention” and value migration changes in the design professions.”

For more information about Recognition Day, contact the School of Architecture at 662-325-2202.

2013 School of Architecture alumna featured as Clarion Ledger ‘People on the Move’

April 10th, 2014 Comments Off

ppl on the movePeople on the Move:
Eley Guild Hardy Architects

Melissa Knesal has passed the LEED AP exam and is now a LEED AP BD+C. Knesal, a 2013 Mississippi State University, School of Architecture graduate, joined Eley Guild Hardy in 2009 as a summer intern and became a full-time employee upon graduation.

See the post via the Clarion Ledger.

CAAD holds career fair

February 24th, 2014 Comments Off

career fair 2014_6 web

The CAAD Career Fair was held on Feb. 19 from 5 – 6:30 p.m. Fourteen firms were represented.

A panel discussion was also held before the fair. One representative from each of the four various units of study within the college (architecture, art, interior design and building construction science) made up the panel.

The panelists included Tom Howorth of Howorth & Associates, Darren Swindaman of Creative Distillery, Matt Pringle of Broadmoor LLC, and John Moores of Gensler – Atlanta.

The discussions gave students a chance to get their questions answered regarding what firms are looking for in a potential employee as well as tips for interviewing.

The CAAD Career fair is held at Giles Hall each spring. For more information or to get involved with next year’s fair, contact Ryan Colvin, senior coordinator with the MSU Career Center, at 662-325-3344 or


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