Friday Forum explores the history of Starkville through architecture

November 2nd, 2012 Comments Off on Friday Forum explores the history of Starkville through architecture

Michelle Weaver Jones mentioned that evidence of the Choctaw Indians can be seen by the landscape along Hwy 25, which shows remnants of Indian mounds.

Michelle Weaver Jones showed buildings in Starkville and described what architecture style they were and what influenced the various design aspects.

Michelle Weaver Jones, who works in the preservation division of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, presented this week’s Friday Forum lecture (Nov. 2).

Jones used architectural styles to walk students through the city’s 125-year history.

She showed examples from around Starkville of various architecture styles and said the city has been influenced the most by the university.

There are numerous buildings built especially for rental purposes, such as duplexes or garage apartments, and she said returning veterans in 1945 and MSU students mainly influenced this trend.

Jones showed photos of what used to be railroad depots and said they signify how important the railroad used to be to Starkville.

She also showed some current downtown buildings and mentioned their previous uses. The T.E. Lott & Co. building once housed the Coca Cola Bottling Company, and Reed’s Department Store was an early post office.

Jones said Starkville has grown a lot over the past 125 years and believes historic preservation says a lot about a community and its residents.  She mentioned several historical buildings that have been lost due to simply being torn down for a parking lot or due to bad maintenance.

“I think at this point, our community really has choices to make as far as our historic properties are concerned,” she said.

“Historic preservation is the ultimate green thing; it is recycling. It’s just the smarter thing in my mind to do.”

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