Architecture professor named Fulbright Scholar Representative

October 17th, 2012 Comments Off on Architecture professor named Fulbright Scholar Representative

Jane Britt Greenwood is interviewed (with her interpreter, right) by the local Armenian television station in 2011.

Jane Britt Greenwood gives a lecture while in Armenia as a Fulbright Scholar.

Associate Professor Jane Britt Greenwood, AIA, first got involved with The Fulbright Scholar Program in 2010 when she was the state’s only representative to receive the honor that academic year.

Greenwood used her Fulbright Scholarship to teach at the Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction [YSUAC] in Yerevan, Armenia, and do research on Armenian vernacular architecture. While there, she discovered the country’s need for curriculum development. She filed for an extension of her scholarship and remained in Armenia for an additional semester to help both YSUAC and Yerevan State Linguistics University after V Brusov with their curriculum development.

When she arrived back at Mississippi State, Greenwood had a new passion for telling others about The Fulbright Scholar Program.

“It was such a tremendous experience,” she said.

So, when she heard the call from the program for peer reviewers last April, she applied and is now one of three Peer Discipline Reviewers for The Fulbright Program for architecture.  Since she was notified in August, the School of Architecture professor has reviewed 11 applications.

Greenwood said her job as a reviewer is to look only at the scholarly content, such as the proposal details, the applicant’s background and the details of the research plan.  Each review takes her about an hour, and she gives written comments and feedback that is given back to applicants.  That way, if an applicant’s proposal is not accepted, he or she will have an idea of improvements that need to be made if submitted again.

Greenwood further explained that the peer review is just the first step in the yearlong process. The proposals next head to a regional review, and the last step is a review by the embassy in the country of the applicant’s proposed project.

Along with her involvement as a peer reviewer, Greenwood also serves as a co-representative for the university with Dr. Stephen Cottrell.

As MSU Fulbright Program Campus Representatives, the two work to promote the program to students and faculty.

Greenwood said faculty, administrators and professionals can apply for seven types of Fulbright Scholarships. One offering is a Senior Specialist project that is short-term, usually lasting two to six weeks.  The Core Fulbright, which is the program Greenwood participated in, is a longer opportunity that allows faculty to do research and/or teach for a year.

Students can also take advantage of The Fulbright Program.  There is an umbrella under the program that allows students to study abroad, and those with an undergraduate degree can travel to teach English or work on their own special project.

The co-representatives plan to hold a workshop soon to help students and faculty learn more about the application process, and they have a goal to increase the number of Fulbright Scholars at Mississippi State.

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