School of Architecture student discusses impact of Design Discovery Summer Workshop

November 5th, 2012 Comments Off on School of Architecture student discusses impact of Design Discovery Summer Workshop

On the fourth day of Design Discovery, campers were divided into groups and assigned the task of creating a “cardboard lounge table device.” The device had to serve as a chair and perform one other function. Rashidat Momoh demonstrates the chair function of her group’s device.

Rashidat Momoh became interested in architecture as a freshman in high school.  Four years later, she heard about the Design Discovery Summer Workshop during her orientation for the Honors College at Mississippi State University and immediately got to work applying.

According to the Michael Berk, director of the School of Architecture, the eight-day workshop in intended to provide “an accurate account and full simulation of the what it would be like to study architecture or design in a university setting without the added pressures of grades.”

Momoh also applied for the Johnson-McAdams Design Discovery Camp Scholarship and was one of five campers to receive the aid for summer 2012. The scholarship covered her camp expenses, including meals, lodging and supplies.

“Historically, the Johnson-McAdams Scholarship has done an excellent job of bringing diverse populations of students to our campus to engage in this workshop/camp,” said Berk, “and ultimately choose careers in architecture.”

Momoh said the workshop was a huge benefit to her. “If I hadn’t gotten the scholarship and come to Design Discovery, I wouldn’t have been as prepared for this year – money-wise and mentally,” the now first-year student in the School of Architecture said.

“Design Discovery definitely made me more aware of what we would be working on because I really had no idea what architecture was and how intense this would be,” she said.

Momoh left the summer camp both scared and excited. “But I still wanted to come here a lot,” she said. “It didn’t discourage me at all.”

Currently, first-year students in the School of Architecture are working on mock site plans through a class project called “Time Tables.” Students have been divided into groups with the assignment of documenting how a table changes during a meal, similar to how a site would change over time.

Momoh said she plans to intern for a couple of years when she graduates.

“I also want to travel, hopefully, and study overseas and maybe eventually open my own business,” she said.

Find out more information about Design Discovery.

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