Hamilton presents research lunch and learn

October 30th, 2015 Comments Off on Hamilton presents research lunch and learn

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Associate Vice President for Research J.A. “Drew” Hamilton Jr., Ph.D.

Associate Vice President for Research J.A. “Drew” Hamilton Jr., Ph.D., presented a lunch and learn to faculty and staff in the College of Architecture, Art and Design on Oct. 30.

Hamilton discussed research resources for faculty within the Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED).

One particular resource his office provides is research publicity through Jim Laird, research editor.

Hamilton then explained the FY 2015 funding initiatives, which include faculty research support, cross-college research grants (Joint DAFVM) and undergraduate research programs.

“ORED is here to help,” said Hamilton, explaining the office’s many research support units, which include the Office of Research Compliance (which includes human-subjects research), Office of Environmental Health and Safety, Office of Lab Animal Resources, Office of Sponsored Programs Administration, Office of Technology Management and the Office of Research Security.

Hamilton gave several research funding pointers.

He encouraged faculty to find opportunities early and make personal contact with program managers.

“Stay late,” he said, adding that faculty can then make those key contacts and ask questions after workshops and other events are over.

Another pointer he gave was to “face rejection and prepare for round two.”

“Rejection is part of being an academic,” said Hamilton, adding that he has only been funded on the first try a few times.

Additional pointers included getting help from experienced researchers and drafting your own budget – then having it checked and corrected by appropriate staff.

Hamilton ended the presentation with extramural funding suggestions.

He told faculty to be willing to work with others and find something interesting they can actually do.

He also stressed the importance of having senior faculty on a team to increase credibility of a proposal.

“Think outside the box,” he said. “Not everything is an exact fit for what you are looking for.”

He added, laughing, “No one fails tenure because they brought in too much extramural funding.”

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