Architecture students design Maroon Edition Habitat for Humanity house

August 7th, 2012 Comments Off on Architecture students design Maroon Edition Habitat for Humanity house

Alexis Gregory did a lot of work at her previous job in Savannah, Ga., with nonprofits, so it was no surprise for her to get involved in Starkville as well.

“It’s just a passion that I have,” the assistant professor in the School of Architecture at MSU said.

Gregory worked with the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity last fall and began a class with 11 students last spring to design houses for the organization.

Students researched projects other universities have done, general information about Habitat for Humanity and information about the local chapter.  They also were able to take field trips to local Habitat for Humanity houses and others throughout the state.

“The students learned a lot by seeing other people’s homes and learning how people other than themselves live,” said Gregory. “They also learned how hard it is to work with such a limited building footprint because the building slab was existing; the students had to work within that limitation.”

Students were split into groups and given a site on which to design a home.

Dalton Finch, Anthony Penny, Scott Polley and Colton Stephens, upcoming juniors in the School of Architecture, designed the house that will be built on Steadman Lane in conjunction with the events for the Maroon Edition.

Penny said the class was a nice change form the kind of studio where everything is fiction without an actual client.

“Going into critiques and even working throughout the entire class,” he said, “In the back of your head, you knew this had to be done and figured out the right way because it’s going to affect someone’s life. Someone’s going to live in this; I can’t let it be a bad space. It really pushes you a little bit harder.”

The first design had to be modified to accommodate budget constraints, but Penny said the modification actually ended up being something the group really prided themselves on. He said they were challenged by the fact that the slab has already been poured for the house but that after going back to the drawing board, the group was able to change the design from a three-bedroom to a four-bedroom home.

The group didn’t actually get to meet the family that will eventually occupy the home, but Penny said he still felt a connection.

“It becomes a personal venture at that point,” he said, adding that he hopes to volunteer and actually have a hands-on part in putting his design together.

The groundbreaking for the fourth annual Maroon Edition Habitat for Humanity house was Aug. 10, 2012.

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