School of Architecture professor works with Auburn’s Rural Studio

October 19th, 2015 Comments Off on School of Architecture professor works with Auburn’s Rural Studio

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MSU School of Architecture Assistant Professor Emily McGlohn recently developed and hosted a workshop at Auburn University’s Rural Studio.

The design/build outreach program in West Alabama has developed inexpensive housing that can be designed and built for $20,000. In the last 10 years, the program has built 17 “20K” houses.

The Rural Studio group has committed to design and build three additional houses this year, and they want their design decisions to be evidence-based.

So, they called in McGlohn and two other experts – one from environmental consulting firm Atelier Ten and also a Ph.D. candidate from Yale University – to conduct a workshop to get students to think about what a new Ecological 20K house should look like.

Students were encouraged to focus on the environment, think about overall energy efficiency, good building enclosures, and a strategy for a house that is sensitive to material use and energy consumption.

McGlohn then helped the students develop tests to perform on the existing 17 houses to verify some of their assumptions and enable them to make evidence-based decisions for the new designs.

She also made recommendations on the building diagnostic tools the students would need to carry out the tests such as a blower door tester; infrared camera; and data loggers that measure light, humidity and temperature.

“It’s great for two SEC universities with architecture programs that have really close campuses to be able to collaborate on this project,” said McGlohn, who has been invited back to the Rural Studio throughout the semester to follow-up on the progress.

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