Materials class visits Columbus Brick

February 23rd, 2015 Comments Off on Materials class visits Columbus Brick


A group of 40 students in Assistant Professor Jacob Gines’ materials class recently visited Columbus Brick Company in Columbus.

A special thanks to Butch Reed, sales manager, who coordinated a tour of the plant’s entire operation for the group, which included a look at the raw materials as well as explanations of the processes of mixtures and molding, how the bricks are manufactured and the firing process.

This is the third year Gines has taken his class on a trip to Columbus Brick.

“It’s so wonderful the way they interact with the students,” he said. “For them to see the manual and then the mechanized part is pretty incredible.”

He said the highlight of this trip was at the end of the tour when students were able to work alongside four experienced brick masons who were invited to conduct a workshop and demonstration.

Students were challenged to build a temporary brick wall.

“Parts of it were not that great,” laughed Gines. “But that’s to be expected.”

Gines said he was especially glad his students were able to see the pride the masons take in their craft.

“What a wonderful opportunity to get some hands-on experience and to understand and appreciate the work of masons and that it’s extremely skilled work and not something everyone can do.”

Tau Sigma Delta presents ‘Graphic Design’ exhibit in Giles Gallery

February 6th, 2014 Comments Off on Tau Sigma Delta presents ‘Graphic Design’ exhibit in Giles Gallery

Graphic Design Gallery Show_POSTER 2014

The “Graphic Design” gallery show will be up in the Giles Gallery from Feb. 12 – 28.  A reception will be held on Feb. 26 at 5 p.m.

The show aims to showcase a diagrammatic cross section of what composes a graphic designer and his or her career, specifically focusing on the work of Schaffhauser Design, a business whose work engages in a wide range of design possibilities but specializes in college athletics. Different methods of production will be explored alongside assorted mediums of expression in an effort to grasp both a chronological sense of individual and career development alongside a critical examination of the industry as a whole, taking into account future possibilities with the rise of new technology.

TSD Student Curator: John Taylor Schaffhauser

See the full TSD Gallery schedule.

Architecture professor has sketch selected for international exhibition

May 31st, 2013 Comments Off on Architecture professor has sketch selected for international exhibition

"Speculation" | Sketch by Jake Gines

“Speculation” | Sketch by Jake Gines

School of Architecture Professor Jake Gines’s sketch, “Speculation,” was selected for the Sketch 2013 Exhibit: Didactic, Speculation, Contextual Improvisation, Palimpsest, or Watts.

Sketch., an international exhibition organized by New York-based d3, surveys contemporary conceptual design process across the disciplines.

The 2013 exhibit was at the Fordham University Center Gallery on the Lincoln Center campus in Manhatten, NY., from Feb. 21 through March 20, 2013. An opening reception was held on March 7.

“Speculation” was selected out of more than 1500 entries. Curators for the exhibit were Sandra McKee with Fordham University and Gregory Marinic with the University of Houston.

According to the call for submission, the Sketch. exhibition program began in 2011 as the opening event for Tadao Ando’s lecture and book‐signing at the Universidad de Monterrey. The exhibit revisited the use of conventional approaches, while engaging with the new technologies that have expanded opportunities for sketching as a conceptual generator. Artists, architects, designers and students from across the disciplines were invited to join in this international dialogue. Submissions were juried, and work from 88 individuals worldwide was selected for presentation in the inaugural Sketch. exhibition held at UDEM in March 2011. Due to the notable popularity and success of the first exhibition, Sketch. offers a biennial program that continuously collects, compares and documents the transformative forces impacting conceptual practices in art, architecture and design.

Friday Forum discusses the architecture of hip hop

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Professor Jake Gines discusses the architecture of Hip Hop at Friday Forum on Nov. 9.

Jake Gines, professor in the School of Architecture, presented “The Architecture of Hip Hop” at the Nov. 9 Friday Forum.

Seeing how the culture of hip hop tied into architecture and design was Gines’ thesis work, which he said was met with a lot of adversity.

Gines said hip hop and many of its related forms of expression, such as rapping, break dancing and graffiti, is something a lot of people can relate to and gives many a venue to express themselves.

“You can’t help but get a sense that there’s this yearning to voice your opinion, and the only way it’s going to be heard is in an aggressive way,” he said.

Gines learned more about this aggressive sense of expression when he visited Watts in South Central Los Angeles for research. Watts, often known for the Watts Riots in 1965, is also home to the Watts Towers. The towers were built by Simon Rodia in the early 1900s out of found materials such as steel, concrete, bottles and doll figurines and served as inspiration for Gines’ project.

He chose a piece of land to the northwest of the towers for his project and got to work on research and site models. Research included demographics, gang crime statistics, gang turfs and crime activity.

The professor also chose to explore the message and rhythm of two songs – Tupac Shakur’s “Changes,” which discusses living conditions and what we need to do to change that, and “Why We Thugs” by Ice-Cube, which conveys a similar message in a more aggressive way.

Gines applied his research to design a pedestrian bridge that would go over the railroad tracks in Watts.

“In the end, I began to come up with a scheme that allowed the architecture to gently rest on its landscape and provide movement around and through the site,” he said.

Gines had a graffiti artist paint his project on boards for his thesis presentation “in order to present it in a way that seemed to respond to the culture,” he said.

The professor later used his findings to help students make connections between various forms of music and architecture.

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