Architecture student takes second in Tenshon Scholarship Competition

August 6th, 2013 Comments Off on Architecture student takes second in Tenshon Scholarship Competition

Cody Smith's design submitted to the Tenshon Scholarship Competition.

Cody Smith’s design submitted to the Tenshon Scholarship Competition.

Cody Smith, an architecture student from Professor Jake Gines’ Materials class, was recently awarded second place in the Tenshon® Scholarship Competition.

For the competition that offered a $1,500 scholarship, Tenshon® challenged students interested in architecture, design and/or engineering to create a unique sail structure using the company’s shade sails. According to the company, the purpose of the scholarship design contest was to expand thinking about the possibilities found in the tensile fabric industry and to reward the stand-out students who best display an aptitude for shade sail design.

Smith, an upcoming third-year student, submitted a design and explanation for a seaside restaurant. In his proposal, Smith questioned how the sails could become more artistic and practical, especially trying to discover the purpose of the sails when there is no sun. He proposed a system of lights to make the shade sails functional for day and night.

Tau Sigma Delta announces 2013-2014 exhibits

August 5th, 2013 Comments Off on Tau Sigma Delta announces 2013-2014 exhibits

Tau Sigma Delta (TSD), the honor society for the School of Architecture, will host exhibits throughout the year in the Giles Hall Gallery.

This year’s gallery coordinator, Brooke Dorman, will coordinate the exhibits, and members of TSD will each oversee one show.

“I am excited and hopeful for the scale of this year’s gallery lineup, as I have been working with Professor Jake Gines since May to guarantee a successful lineup – including anything from ecological building ideas, installations and student work,” said Dorman. “Our hope as students of design is to promote an ongoing dialogue between professionals, academics and students, to enliven the spirit of design here at the College of Architecture, Art and Design. Such exhibits represent great opportunities to immerse oneself in the world of design and to engage in thoughtful conversation about the future of the design world and the role we each play in its creation.”

2013–2014 Gallery Schedule:

Aug. 28–Sept. 13: “Sixty-Nine Seventy: International Ideas Competition”

  • This exhibit showcases some of the work submitted for “The 69|70 Competition,” which is an international ideas competition where
    participants attempt to enliven or showcase “the spaces between” in downtown Salt Lake City, areas which have recently been the focus
    of urban revitalization. Urban designers, planners, architects, artists, activists and creatives showcase their visions in this international ideas competition. Professor Jacob Gines, who has been involved with the conception and planning of the competition, plans to bring the project to life for students here at CAAD.
    Alex Reeves: TSD Student Curator and Professor Jake Gines, curator (Gallery Reception: Sept. 4 at 5 p.m.)

Sept. 25–Oct. 11: “Faculty Show”

  • The “Faculty Show” represents an opportunity to showcase the talent CAAD offers in the form of its creative and endlessly diverse Faculty. TSD plans to show work from a variety of fields and mediums, such as architecture, sculpture, water color, research and publications.
    David Lewis: TSD Student Curator (Gallery Reception: Sept. 30, 5 p.m.)

Oct. 23–Nov. 8: “What is Eco?”

  • As technologies improve and our understanding of alternative energies continue into the future, so, too, does our curiosity of new strategies
    of environmental design. The “What is Eco?” exhibit will showcase new research and technologies as well as architectural and construction projects
    that offer unique examples of how to design ecologically responsible structures, vehicles and landscaping. The hope of this show is to
    induce a thoughtful conversation about what “eco” or “green” building and design strategies really mean and how we might take the fullest
    advantage of them.
    Alex Reeves: TSD Student Curator (Gallery Reception: Oct. 23)

Nov. 20–Dec. 6: “TRASHIONshow”

  • After the annual TRASHIONshow, Tau Sigma Delta offers the student designers within NOMAS (National Organization for Minority
    Architecture Students) the opportunity to showcase the clothing items they made completely of repurposed materials, such as magazines,
    straws, coffee filters, bubble wrap, trash bags, wood and phonebooks. The exhibit focuses on the ideas and importance of reuse in design
    and the thoughtful questions that arise in the consideration of nontradtional material use. The current NOMAS president, Anthony Penny,
    and the Vice President, Capish Cheema, also established the creation of this year’s Junk2Funk sale and the TRASHIONshow’s set, made of
    repurposed materials.
    Rusty McInnis: TSD Student Curator (Tentative Gallery Reception: Dec. 4)

Dec. 18–Jan. 3: “S|ARC Year-End Show”

  • As final reviews come to an end, the “Year-End Show” will shine a new light on the achievements of the students here at the School of
    Architecture, showcasing some of the best student work the school has to offer. The faculty selectively choose the most thoughtful projects to represent their class’s output for the previous semester. The level of detail, development, creativity and craft in this exhibit continually raises the bar from year to year. Viewers should expect to see anything from hand-crafted models to digitally rendered architectural structures.
    Rusty McInnis: TSD Student Curator (Tentative Gallery Reception: Jan. 1)

Jan. 15–31: “Preserve Nation”

  • “Preserve Nation”  seeks to understand and showcase the work or architects who work in the area of preservation, such as Belinda Stewart and others, whose work will be featured in this year’s show. The importance of the preservation of southern archetypes will be examined through the lens of Stewart’s work and the work of her contemporaries.
    Jake Johnson: TSD Student Curator (Tentative Gallery Reception: Jan. 29)

Feb.12–28:”Graphic Design”

  • The “Graphic Design” gallery show will aim to showcase a diagrammatic cross section of what composes a graphic designer and his or her career, specifically focusing on the work of Schaffhauser Design, a business whose work engages in a wide range of design possibilities but specializes in college athletics. Different methods of production will be explored alongside assorted mediums of expression in an effort to grasp both a chronological sense of individual and career development alongside a critical examination of the industry as a whole, taking into account future possibilities with the rise of new technology.
    John Taylor Schaffhauser: TSD Student Curator (Gallery Reception: Feb. 26, 5 p.m.)

March 12–28: “Modern”

  • Modernity brought a cornucopia of ideas, technologies and cultural changes. The “Modern” exhibit hopes to uncover the modern developments in architecture, dance and photography. The exhibit will include mixed media projections, printed works and photographic displays,  incorporating different phases of modern thought and movements.
    Landon Kennedy: TSD Student Curator (Tentative Gallery Reception: March 26)

April 9–25: “Installation(5)”

  • A series of five professionally designed and interactive installations. The exhibit will showcase the work of contemporary designers and will be specifically created for the Giles Hall Gallery. These never-before-seen projects will encourage the dialogue between the professional practice and academic worlds. Participants may use any medium for entry, be it digital live-streams, wood or lighting techniques.
    Brooke Dorman: TSD Student Curator and Gallery Coordinator (Tentative Gallery Reception: April 23)

May 7–Summer: “S|ARC Year-End Show II”

  • The second “Year-End Show” highlights student work from the spring semester and is competitively entered. Professors pick the top work
    from each studio or other architecture electives for display in the Giles Gallery. The highlight is the firth-year thesis work that will be on display throughout the month of May. The final show remains active until the following fall semester and serves as a guide for the quality of work expected out of Mississippi State architecture students.
    Larry Travis: TSD Student Curator

For more information, or to contribute work to this year’s gallery lineup, contact Brooke Dorman at

Click here for the TSD Exhibit Poster.

The Giles Gallery is open Mon. – Fri. from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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