Reception held for ‘Preserve Nation’ exhibit

January 30th, 2014 Comments Off on Reception held for ‘Preserve Nation’ exhibit

TSD student curator Jake Johnson introduces Bellinda Stewart.

TSD student curator Jake Johnson introduces Bellinda Stewart.

A reception was held on Wed., Jan. 29, for the Belinda Stewart Architects P.A. exhibition, “Preserve Nation: An Exhibit on Historical Preservation and Vernacular Design,” in the Giles Gallery.

Many of the firm’s architects came to the reception, including owner Belinda Stewart, FAIA.

Stewart gave a brief history about her career and the firm and left the students with the message to “Do what you love where you love.”

The work will be on display through Fri., Jan. 31.

‘What is Eco?’ exhibit to kick off Oct. 23 with reception

October 15th, 2013 Comments Off on ‘What is Eco?’ exhibit to kick off Oct. 23 with reception


What is Eco?
The exhibit will endeavor to answer that question using project profiles from Watershed’s architectural and green consulting work as well as two interactive design challenges. Students are encouraged to visit, sketch and pin up their design solutions in the “Sun* Shade” and “Rain * Water” areas of the exhibit. Four winning contributions will be profiled in Watershed’s “Ripple Effects” blog, which reaches more than 3,000 design professionals and building owners across the south east.

About Watershed
From their website:
“What’s in a name? Our office is located on the Eastern Shore of the Mobile Bay, at the very bottom of the fourth largest watershed in this country. The actions of millions of people and businesses upstream have significant impacts on the health of our bay and therefore our local economy. While not everyone lives in such a extreme location, we chose the name Watershed as a reminder that we all live downstream.
The alternate meaning of a watershed moment or event also struck a chord in the depths of the recession. Our founding concept was that the economic downturn could be a watershed event, stimulating people to examine the way we build and the way our communities grow so that we can chart a more sustainable course. Since branching out of the “green team” at Walcott Adams Verneuille Architects in 2008, WATERSHED has grown to serve clients across the deep south, focusing on high performance buildings for our hot humid climate.
Our mission is to create and improve buildings so that they to leave this region better than we found it. We want to go beyond “mitigation” or reducing the harm of development, to creating positive impacts on the natural world, positive economic gains and positive social impacts.
Our method is three fold: to build expertise around affordable, sustainable building solutions for our hot humid climate; to create built environments that inspire a greater connection with the natural world; and to perform our work in the spirit of collaboration, sharing information with our communities and clients.”

Click here for the full schedule of exhibitions.

Student work up in Giles Gallery

December 14th, 2012 Comments Off on Student work up in Giles Gallery

Have you had a chance to see some of the fantastic work that currently fills the gallery in Giles Hall?

Students who have work in the gallery:
second-year: Patrick Brown, Cody Smith, Kevin Flores, Devin Carr, West Pierce, Sang Nguyen, Mary Sanders and Aryn Phillips
third-year: Larry Travis, Jake Johnson, Landon Kennedy, Jordan Hanson, William Commarato, Alex Reeves and Jared Barnett
fourth-year: Chance Stokes, Michael Varhalla, Mack Braden, Kristin Perry, Clay Cottingham and Sanjay Rajput

A special thanks to Mack Braden, Kristin Perry and Tau Sigma Delta for their hard work getting this set up!

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