The Universal Art and Technology Lab

The primary objective of the Universal Art and Technology Lab is to provide printing and technology support for the students and faculty of the MSU Art Department. We do so by providing access to large format printers, scanners, as well as other high-end software and periphery devices, as well as providing basic instructions and demonstrations through either appointment or orientation sessions.

Technology requirements can be found at:

Printer, scanner, and drawing tablet Drivers should install automatically but can be found at,, and

Adobe Cloud Help and support, as well as MSU IT support at

Universal ART and Technology

Lab Rules


  • NO FOOD OR DRINK permitted at the Computer, Printer, or Scanning Stations. Food & Drink should not be thrown away in the lab.
  • All Students entering the lab during open lab hours must sign-in and relinquish their student ID to the lab personnel on duty.
  • All prints must be logged, including “test” and “proof” prints. Failure to log prints can result in extra-surcharges and permanent expulsion from the lab
  • Do not touch the AC Units. Labs should stay at 70°F for the safety of the computers and peripheral equipment.
  • Permission to use the 3D printer must be granted by approved instructors, or through the Art IT Coordinator and only under proper supervision.
  • Do not download anything onto the terminals except with the expressed consent or instruction from a lab monitor.
  • Do not leave any personal files on the computer. The computers are not personal storage and anything you leave behind will be gone when you return. Delete any files that you leave on the machine and close out of all running programs.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to utilize their personal laptops in conjunction with hardware provided within the lab, including drawing tablets, printer stations and scanning stations. Please remember to unplug chords and return peripheral devices to their proper homes.
  • The print queue ends when it is 30 minutes until closing. No one except for those already printing will be permitted to print after this time.
  • Lab hours will be posted on the door.
  • Any questions or concerns can be sent to Aaron McElfish, IT Coordinator, at and they will be taken care of at the earliest convenience.