Lab Print Prices

Printing Payment Guidelines

If using your own paper…

Paper type Cost
8.5”x11” $4.00
13”x19” $8.00
Roll Paper $0.65 per/inch*


If using our paper…

Paper type Cost        
8.5”x11” $5.00
13”x19” $9.00
Roll Paper $0.75 per/inch*
3D Printer $0.20/cm3
Vinyl (Standard) $0.50
Vinyl (Premium) $1.00

*(Long side of print) X (price) = Print cost

**Please use sheet paper for test prints; standard fees apply to all “test” and proofing prints.

***Prints logged here will be charged to your MoneyMate account. You can find out more information on Moneymate at

****Note: Please log all prints. Failure to pay for prints can and will result in permanent expulsion from studio and/or class and constitutes a violation of the MSU Honor Code.