Author Portraits

An evolving gallery featuring portraits of Yours Truly made by the talented: students, former students, and friends.

Soon Ee Ngoh, CAAD Meeting Portrait, 2009

My colleague Soon Ee Ngoh sat behind me during a college meeting. I probably did need coffee but can assure you that I wasn’t whistling.

Carl Carbonell, “The Ben Harvey, 2008

This time I had my coffee in hand. Carl, a former student, doodled this during a lecture on nineteenth-century French art.

A.J. Pappas, Lecture Notes on Semiotics

Another student, A. J. Pappas made this page of notes during a lecture on basic semiotics. There’s a definite resemblance there, so he’s displaying his mastery of the ICONIC mode.

Geoff Karr, Facebook Profile Pic Portrait, 2008

Self-Portrait as Father About To Meet Daughter, 2008

A former student, Geoff Karr came up with this interesting project: If you joined his facebook group, he would then make a work of art based on a photo of you already posted on facebook. To complete the circle, the resulting portrait was then published in the facebook group. (I used mine as my profile picture for a while.) For his source material, Geoff chose a pretty silly self-portrait I’d taken of myself wearing scrubs (hence the dorky hat); I was just about to witness the arrival of my second child, Sasha.

Megan Bean Portrait, 2010

And here’s a picture taken by the mother of Sasha (and Sebastian). Megan was testing out some new lighting equipment on a convenient and relatively inert subject. She made me look suitably scholarly, but note that the blue material is actually a blanket.

A word about the first three images: studies suggest doodlers recall more information than non-doodlers, but it’s probably best not to ask how the doodlers compare with note-takers.

Jeffrey Brown, Badly Misshapen Body, p127